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LOREN HARRIET - Round Up The Usual Suspects (1995)

LOREN HARRIET - Round Up The Usual Suspects (1995)
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Loren Harriet is a name that doesn't ring a bell among general rock fans, but this executive producer and musician has been behind several major music projects.

By 1993, the man had the chance to set aside the concerning aspects of the business, and go for his guilty pleasure; his artistic side as musician.

"Round Up The Usual Suspects" is his one and only album, and as you could imagine, heavy weight musicians were part of the recording.
If Loren's name is unknown to you, I'm sure Bill Champlin, Michael Landau, Timothy B. Schmit or Leland Sklar are not.
This stellar line-up (check personnel below) really shine on these quality westcoast/AOR tunes. Some tracks are more classic rock&pop oriented, but with an aorish flavor all over.
Harriet's vocals aren't the strongest, but all the time he's cleverly supported by monsters like Champlin (on 3 tracks), Schmit, Nicolette Larson, Jay Winding, Vonda Shepard... you can't go wrong with these gorgeous throats.
Musically all the songs are impeccable, and even on the few weakest tracks the musicianship is really good, particularly Michael Landau's awesome guitars.

Originally released as promo in 1993, "Round Up The Usual Suspects" was finally published two years after in small quantities.

01 - What Do You Really
02 - Just A Matter Of Mind
03 - Native Son
04 - Be Strong
05 - Loyal Friend
06 - Do You Believe
07 - Stand And Fight
08 - Living A Lie
09 - Strange Man
10 - All The Way
11 - El Dorado
12 - Friends

LOREN HARRIET - Round Up The Usual Suspects (1995)tracks

LOREN HARRIET - Round Up The Usual Suspects


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