Wednesday, November 16, 2011

VINCI - Vinci (1995)

VINCI - Vinci (1995) melodic hard rock aor
VINCI is a studio Melodic Hard Rock project devised by German multi-instrumentalist Tom Blendinger.
Session musician and producer, the first self-titled 'Vinci' album was Tom's culmination of three years working in his own studio. For the lead vocals Blendinger called singer Wolfgang Riegal who used to be part of the earlier encarnation of Victory.

"Vinci" is a surprisingly good Melodic Hard Rock album in the Euro style, musically in the line of other German acts such as Casanova or Javan, Swedes Amaze Me and to a lesser degree, mid-era MSG, partly due to the McAuley-esque vocals of Wolfgang.
"The Shooter", "One" and "Get Your Wings" are fine and melodic numbers, not exempt of many AOR harmonies, as the nice midtempo ballad "What About You".
Tom Blendinger is a very good performer particularly on his main instrument, the guitar, building the songs over strong riffs and melodic solos. Good use of the keyboards too, orchestrating the whole Vinci's sound.

Tom Blendinger has released independently an instrumental album under Vinci's moniker, but seems a new MHR oriented CD with a new vocalist is scheduled for 2012.
"Vinci" is a good, catchy album, released by the legendary and now defunct label Long Island Records.
Out of print.

1. The Shooter
2. Get Your Wings
3. Smell of Spring
4. Sixth Sense
5. Chance of Life
6. 1999
7. One
8. What About You
9. Good Times
10. Love's a Jailer
11. Welcome Home

Wolfgang Riegel - Lead & Backing Vocals
Tom Blendinger - All Instruments, Backing Vocals

VINCI 1995