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VENICE - 2nd Album (1990)

VENICE - 2nd Album (1990)
Today it's time for a personal favorite: Venice 2nd album.
Not strictly AOR, nor strictly Melodic Rock, but all englobed at the same time, into a lush Classic Rock package.

Comprised of cousins Kipp and Michael Lennon and their respective brothers Pat and Mark Lennon, this quartet from Venice, California, spreads quality to the 4 cardinal points.
Often compared with The Eagles, and Crosby, Stills & Nash, this compliment is more than deserved.
Based on fantastic vocal harmonies and crisp and clean instrumentation without compromising rockin' consistency, their music is a bliss of musicality.

This is the best Venice album in my opinion, offering a varied section of tunes from bubbling rockers as the irresistible "All My Life" (which reminds me my loved Nelson), "Time" and "Kaylee" to the charming ballads "Change In The Season" or the perfect harmony-filled "Hideaway Hill", this band hasn't any single weak moment.
Known for their social consciousness, Venice also give us interesting lyrics on "People Laugh" (which draws attention to the subject of AIDS) and "Ocean", written about the polluted Santa Monica Bay.
If you don't know Venice the band, it's time to fill that gap.
Highly Recommended.

01 - All My Life
02 - Sacrifice The Fool
03 - Mr.Lonely
04 - Change In The Season
05 - Kaylee
06 - Pushed Her Too Far
07 - Time
08 - Ocean
09 - People Laugh
10 - Save The Legion
11 - Hideaway Hill
12 - Ball & Chain

Kipp Lennon - Lead Vocals
Mark Lennon - Lead Vocals
Michael Lennon - Guitars & Vocals
Pat Lennon - Guitars & Vocals
Monroe Jones - Keyboards
Mark Harris - Bass
Scott Crago - Drums & Percussion

VENICE 2nd Album 1990



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