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MARCEL McARTHUR - Don't Turn Around (1987)

MARCEL McARTHUR - Don't Turn Around (1987)
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Marcel McArthur developed his initial artistic years in the Netherlands as frontman of the short-lived band 'Lose To Win'.

By '84 released his first solo album 'Face The Music' in Germany, while his 2nd and last "Don't Turn Around" (1987) was published not only in Europe, but in the USA one year later.

Christian artist as you may note from the song titles, on "Don't Turn Around" McArthur's style is typically eighties blending rock&pop and contemporary (CCM) with some smooth WestCoast and AOR.
The first tracks does not much for me, such as the poppy & gospel "Love Is Catching On", followed by the commercial sounding and light "I Rejoice" (good guitar solo) and then the boring "Sometimes They Call Me Father".
"Remember Who I Am" is a gentle midtempo rock&pop and things get better with the little rock of "Lost".

The good stuff here is on the 'Side B'.
"Don't Turn Around" is my favorite, a cheap action-movie lite AOR number with synth attack, marching rhythm and catchy refrain.
"He'll Be There" is a good commercial aorish ballad, one of the best vocally performed tracks here.
"Praise To The King" has a smooth westcoast sound, "Jesus Is The Way" is a nice uptempo pop/gospel tune with good arrangements, while last track is a powerful piano ballad very well composed and performed, again with a westcoast scent and some crooner touches.

"Don't Turn Around" - produced by McArthur's itself - it's a nice recording with some interesting and good songs, particularly on the second half. Marcel is preaching most the time, but his mellifluous voice is really pleasant to listen.
Not essential by any means, but obscure and rare as Hell (oops!).

Ripped from the even more rare CD copy. A collector's item for sure.

01 - Love Is Catching On
02 - I Rejoice
03 - Sometimes They Call Me Father
04 - Remember Who I Am
05 - Lost
06 - Don't Turn Around
07 - He'll Be There
08 - Praise To The King
09 - Jesus Is The Way
10 - Here I Am

Marcel McArthur : Vocals, production
Personnel : Unlisted / unknown



Nitderock said...

Despite the worst artwork, there´s a great album inside, fantastic 80´s AOR, thanks for the file, great job as always.

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link is dead too bad

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Hi can you please reupload this album? Thankyou very mutch