Friday, May 18, 2012

AOR TREASURES - The Japan Bonus Vol.04

This is it. A new volume of Melodic Rock tunes only appeared in Japanese pressings.
Some relatively new, some old ones.
Compilation made some months ago but didn't find the time to post it 'til now.
Cool stuff. Enjoy!

01 - Serpentine - Dreamer (Radio Mix)
[Living And Dying... bonus]

02 - Kharma [Goran Edman] - Cold As Ice
[Wonderland bonus]

03 - House Of Lords - It Might Have Been Madness
[Come To My Kingdom bonus]

04 - Last Autumn's Dream - Hello, Hello, Hello
[Dreamcatcher bonus]

05 - Pride Of Lions - Stand By You
[Pride Of Lions ST bonus]

06 - Stan Bush - Don't Say It's Over
[Shine bonus]

07 - Wild Frontier - I Can't Believe (2007 Version)
[Bite The Bullet bonus]

08 - Talisman [J S Soto] - Final Curtain
[7 bonus]

09 - Mr. Big - Love Makes You Strong
[Lean Into It bonus]

10 - Vital Escape - Here To Stay
[Escapism bonus]

11 - Radioactive - Remember My Conscience
[Ceremony Of Innocence bonus]

12 - Brett Walker - Midnight Angel
[Nevertheless bonus]

13 - Damn Yankees - Come Again (Radio Mix)
[Don't Tread bonus]

14 - Tyketto - Wait Forever
[Strength In Numbers bonus]

15 - Captive Heart - Time Out
[Home Of The Brave bonus]

16 - On The Rise - We All Got To Change
[On The Rise ST bonus]

17 - Change Of Heart - (When Are You) Coming Home
[Continuum bonus]

18 - Khymera - Aftertouch
[Khymera ST bonus]

Back Cover, CLICK HERE:

Japan Bonus Vol.04 HERE


Anonymous said...

A W E S O M E ! ! !

Anonymous said...

I really do appreciate your work but please use correct tags within the songs. For example, the band is called Talisman, not Talisman [J S Soto]. It's annoying to fix that stuff manually all the time.


David Van Zant said...

Many thanks!! I love all the compilations from this blog! :D

Freeman said...

I do appreciate your work in :
- Nice rare & special complilation songs.
- Made own's Artwork ( I like this JP#4 cover artwork. )

And above of all, ... The Heart of Sharing.

Thank from Thailand.
As Always.

BB24 said...

Link is deleted. All other Japan bonus discs are valid. Would be great if you could repost.

Thanks, B

Bret said...

Link is dead.
Can you help to repost other new link please......

Anonymous said...

please re-upload; file removed from depositfiles :(