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BRENT LAMB - One Man (1986)

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During high school, Brent Lamb started writing songs for other artists, and when his tune "Army of the Lord" recorded by the popular Christian group Harvest shot to #1, he was signed as solo artist and released a couple of albums.
By the mid-eighties, Lamb become pretty well known in the music industry, particularly as songwriter together with his wife. For his album "One Man" got a considerable budget for production and the prescence of top class session musicians such as the future core force of Giant: Dann Huff and Mike Brignardello.

"One Man" features truly good AOR tracks, some of them with a hi-tech sound in the vein of his contemporaries Allies, Robert Tepper, Brian Spence, Michael W Smith and why not, Michael Bolton.
Title track "One Man" is one of my favorites, a pumping AOR song with the typically middle '80s style.
Another winner is "Line Of Fire", and the title says it all, a track in the 'action movie AOR' style so popular those years. It's full of compressed drums, keyboards everywhere and a killer guitar solo by Huff.

We have more radio-ready, light AOR songs on the smooth "Destination Home", the catchy Kenny Loggins-like "Ambush", the midtempo "All That I Can Be", and the fine ballads "The Seasons Of My Soul" and "I Love You Anyway".
But my absolute favorite here is the climatic, pure '80s magic of "Tell Me Why". I love that chorus and the keyboard arrangement on this one.

"One Man" includes some really good and fun pure eighties AOR songs, rounded with melodious and accesible poppy-radio oriented tracks. A much sought after album, sadly only released on vinyl & cassette. 
I have restored / cleaned the vinyl-rip to make it sound smooth and nice.

01 - One Man
02 - Destination Home
03 - The Seasons Of My Soul
04 - A Dime Dozen
05 - Ambush
06 - Line Of Fire
07 - I Love You Anyway
08 - Crazy Mad Man
09 - Tell Me Why
10 - All That I Can Be

Dann Huff – Guitars
Mike Brignardello – Bass
Phil Naish – Keyboards, Programming
Mark Hammond – Drums
Jon Goin – add. Guitars

BRENT LAMB - One Man (1986)


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@ TheGrimMonolith :
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Please update this link - I can't find this album any where. I would love to here it all.

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Than you so much Camelblue. You don't know how happy I'm getting this album.