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CHRIS SUTTON - Chris Sutton (1986)

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CHRIS SUTTON may be a not well known name as solo artist, but this Scottish gentleman, working as multi-purpose musician hired by Polydor and other labels, has wrote and arranged music for major acts such as Starship ('Knee Deep in the Hoopla'), Paul McCartney and George Michael.

Primarily, at the mid-eighties, Polydor UK intended to launch Sutton as solo artist together with Brian Spence and alikes, to capitalize the radio friendly rock&pop so 'in vogue' at the time.
On his self-titled debut, Chris had the opportunity to record his own songs arranged by master Robbie Buchanan, commercial and smooth lite AOR poppy tunes with the typical '80s atmosphere. His style is not far from the aforementioned Spence, with nuances of several other Bristish artists as well. 

We have a cheesy cover of Russ Ballard's classic "Voices", a nice ballad co-penned by Sutton with Starship's colaborator Martin Page (incorrectly credited in the booklet as 'Paige'), the lovely eighties-soundtrack-like "Don't Push Your Love" and a mix of up/midtempo tracks with different degrees of quality.

"Chris Sutton" is a nice and gentle '80s album with a polished sound, well recorded and produced by platinum awarded Dennis Lambert (Player, Peter Beckett and countless '80s soundtracks via TuneWorks Inc.).
This rare CD edition includes as bonus the track "The Money Ain't Worth It", originally featured as B-Side of the single "Prince Of Justice" (which extended version 'Justice Mix 7:21' I am looking for years).
There's a rip of this album floating around featuring many noises. This is a pristine CD-rip made by my friend Alan (thanx mate!).

01 - Trouble
02 - Tell It Like It Is
03 - Prince Of Justice
04 - Voices
05 - (You Just Can't) Tear It From A Heart
06 - Don't Get Me Wrong
07 - You Worry Me
08 - Know It All
09 - That One Love Feeling
10 - Don't Push Your Love
11 - The Money Ain't Worth It [CD only bonus track]

Chris Sutton - Vocals
Martin Page - Bass, Backing Vocals
Robbie Buchanan - Arranger
Dennis Lambert - Keyboards, Producer
Rest of personnel unlisted

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