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THE TRUTH - Jump (1989)

After the split of Nine Below Zero in 1982, British vocalist and guitar player Dennis Greaves saw an opportunity to fulfil other sides of his musical passion and decided to form a rock group named THE TRUTH.
Relying on the soulful sound of the Hammond organ, two guitars, drums and bass, the band signed to WEA in the summer of '82. By the following summer the band had notched up two top twenty singles in UK.

In 1984 the band signed to Miles Copeland (The Police, Sting) on I.R.S. and released their first album 'Playground', a soul/pop record.
Their 2nd full length 'Weapons Of Love' really did ignite the band's popularity, touring USA and getting one track featured on Miami Vice, plus recording the main theme  soundtrack for the Hollywood's Si-Fi film 'The Hidden'.

The Truth's third album "Jump" was composed and arranged with the mind put in the American market. But the mangement and promotion were a disaster, with the first single "God Gave Rock n Roll To You" wrongly timed, published almost at the same time that KISS released the same song (and become a Hit).
Anyway, "Jump" is a truly fine and stylized radio-ready commercial American Melodic Rock / AORish album with the typical bombastic sound of the era: compressed drums, keyboards and a guitar attack that reminds me Giant and alikes.
Greaves also has added some of his personnal touch to some tracks, a bit of a 'British feel'.

The Truth's "Jump" is a 'suit & tie' recording, and elegant rock album with a top notch production and good melodies.
It isn't easy to find a cheap CD version of this album, ripped @ maximum quality by my friend totalaor.
Really Good.

01 - Wings Of A Prayer
02 - Throwing It All Away
03 - Shadow On The Sun
04 - Let Freedom Reign
05 - God Gave Rock & Roll To You
06 - Tug Of War
07 - Prisoner Of Love
08 - Jealous Man
09 - Listening To The Rain Again
10 - Straight To My Heart

Dennis Greaves: Lead Vocals & Guitar
Mick Lister: Vocals & Guitar
Andy Duncan: Drums, Percussion
Dennis Smith, Anthony Harty, Jaz Lochrie: Bass
Reg Webb: Keyboards
Mark Feltham: Harmonica
Mickey Roberts: Rhodes on "Straight To My Heart"

THE TRUTH - Jump (1989)


Kammenos said...

Absolutely awesome....
The video reminds me of ''Is this Love'' by Whitesnake...
Greetings from Greece

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is it impossible to download stuff from rapidgator with the JDownloader? It just never works. :/

Kammenos said...

MAKE AN EXCEPTION AND TRY GETTING IT MANUALLY...!!!I didn't try it with jdownloader though..

Anonymous said...

I did but even then I get error messages. Like I mentioned a few days ago: Use Mediafire. Maximum speed for everyone, unlimited traffic, no captchas.

Camelblue said...

JDownloader hasn't upgraded the rapidgator plug-in in months, it's not the host fault.
After the MegaUpload affair, I won't be using any US based hosts anymore. MFire is located in TX.
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Anonymous said...

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Bonbon said...

I still have my original CD of this album. Listening to it right now. Not many people know about this great music. I just love it. Glad to see you're talking about it on your site.

Camelblue said...


Unknown said...

Someone could help me with lyrics of “ prisoner of love “. I can’t find them anywhere. I would appreciate it a lot. My best.