Monday, October 01, 2012

GRAND PRIX - There For None To See [Expanded Edition] (1982)

Without a doubt, GRAND PRIX was one of the finest UK acts of the eighties.
Commonly praised for their 3rd and final album (close to perfection) 'Samurai', the band's second effort "There For None To See" - often ignored in everyone's favorite lists - is a brilliant one too.
Robin McAuley (later to achieve international fame with Michael Schenker) replacing original vocalist Bernie Shaw and a label change (from RCA to Chrysalis) provided the catalyst for the band to something distinctly more melodic and polished.

"There For None To See" was a pivotal link between their early attempts at melodic hard in the self-titled debut and the glossy sound of Samurai, being for many Grand Prix's most complete album.
And indeed it's a superb Melodic Hard Rock / AOR disc plenty of memorable songs, in fact, I can't find a filler here. All are great.
Just to name a few; opener "Heaven And Hell" and its awesome chorus and synths, the terrific pomp-infused "Troubador", the tinkling "Runaway" or the splendid Americanized AOR in "Take A Chance".
The wonderful "Keep On Believing" is the British answer to Journey while the atmospheric ballad "Paradise" is nothing short than perfect.

This is not the horribly noisy 2006 2nd reissue including a bonus track, it's the much better original 2000 cleaned by me. I doubt you will find a better sounding copy than this one.
I have included the bonus of course, as it is another great song to treasure; "Life On The Line", originally appeared as b-side in the Keep On Believing single.
"There For None To See" is a Must Have in any serious AOR / Melodic Hard Rock collection.

01 - Heaven To Hell
02 - Troubadour
03 - Take A Chance
04 - Paradise
05 - Keep On Believing
06 - Taking Your Life Away
07 - Runaway
08 - Tough Of The Track
09 - Atlantis
10 - Relay
11 - Life On The Line [b-side] (Bonus Track)

Robin McAuley - vocals
Michael O'Donoghue - guitars
Phil Lanzon - keyboards
Ralph Hood - bass
Andy Beirne - drums

GRAND PRIX There For None To See


DEEMON said...

Thanks so much Camelblue. Great work!!

Anonymous said...

Yeap..Indeed..Great work.
thanks from here too ... :)

beholder said...

You don't happen to have the track "One Five Jive" from the single "Give Me What's Mine" too?

Camelblue said...

@ beholder :
Nope... searching.

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