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GENEVA (Canterbury,UK): Temptation EP '88 + Geneva (Mansfield,UK): Demos '87

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In the second half of the '80s there was in UK two bands under the same moniker: GENEVA.
Quite confusing, as both played the same Melodic Rock / AOR style so profuse in the islands at the time.

Well, one of them, from Canterbury, was lucky enough to release a 3-song EP in 1988 entitled "Temptation".
The title track is a punchy melodic rocker with a cool refrain, while the others are keyboard driven AOR numbers with "She's Got Everything" sporting a catchy chorus and the midtempo "Everytime" carrying a superb melody.
A very good EP with all the eighties magic. Despite critical acclaim from Kerrang magazine amongst others, the band split in 1991.

The 'other' Geneva - from Mansfield - were in the same league. These excellent demos (both in quality & sound) are all strong material.
A little more Melodic Hard Rock oriented yet filled with keyboard layers all over, this act would record three years after a mini-LP although with a change in style, close to NWOBHM.

So you have here some rare and good stuff from the golden decade with the usual audio treatment as you expect from this blog.
Pure '80s AOR/MR.
Update: Steve Moody himself confirmed here that these demos are from his own band, the Canterbury based Geneva .

Geneva (Canterbury, UK) - Temptation EP:
01 - Temptation
02 - She's Got Everything
03 - Everytime


Geneva (Canterbury, UK) - Demos '87:
01 - All Over Town
02 - Liar
03 - Broken Heart

Steve Moody: guitar, vocals
Nick Bray: guitar
Tom Organ: keyboards
Lee Polden: bass, backing vocals
Paul East: drums

GENEVA (Canterbury)



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