Saturday, December 15, 2012

TED POLEY & TONY HARNELL - Sonic Series Musical Performances

This is a revamped post from years ago, per request.

All of you should already know singers TED POLEY (Danger Danger) and former TNT TONY HARNELL.
Both, as many other rock artists lent their services to the always profitable Japanese Anime / Game market, recording several songs for the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' series some time ago.

Taken from diverse soundtracks and comprised in one single file, all are rockin' numbers featuring performances by these Hard Rock monster singers conducted by guitar wizard Jun Senoue.
Fun stuff.

1 - Ted Poley & Tony Harnell:
It Doesn't Matter (SA1)

2 - Ted Poley & Tony Harnell:
It Doesn't Matter (SA2) [different version]

3 - Ted Poley & Tony Harnell:
We Can (Team Sonic theme)

4 - Ted Poley & Tony Harnell:
Escape From The City (City Escape theme)

5 - Ted Poley:
Lazy Days ...Livin' In Paradise (Big The Cat theme)

6 - Ted Poley:
Race To Win (Sonic Rivals 2 theme)

Ted Poley: vocals
Tony Harnell: vocals
Jun Senoue: Guitar
Naoto Shibata: Bass
Hirotsugu Homma: Drums
and more...



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