Saturday, December 22, 2012

JOHN WARREN - Private Motion (1989) + bonus

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

JOHN WARREN started as studio vocalist based in Los Angeles at the beginning of the eighties. His debut as solo artist, the very good EP 'Take Me Back' in 1988 was quite successful in Japan.
So Warren's Japanese small label decided to release his full length CD "Private Motion" only in Asia, though it was recorded at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles with skilled session musicians.

Warren's style reminds you Chris Eaton, Michael Breen, Richard Marx, that's it Lite AOR with some Westcoast and Hi-Tech flashes.
All is arranged and played with finesse, while the warm voice of Warren adds a velvety touch to the softer tunes, and a cool punch to the rockin' ones. Just check the title track video below. Pure '80s AOR.
"Private Motion" is out of print, and as all John Warren albums, hard to find.
But this blog always gives you something extra; as bonus are included one of the tracks recorded by Warren for the television medical drama 'General Hospital', plus "Amazing Grace", a private recording of the religious song that has become quite popular in secular music.
Really Good CD, and Warren's following album is even better (coming up soon as it was requested as well).
Stay tuned.

01 - Watching Maria Dance
02 - Private Motion
03 - Higher Power
04 - Quiet Time
05 - Turn On The Light
06 - Away So Long
07 - I'll Take You In My Arms
08 - She Is A Friend Of Mine
09 - Any Day Now
10 - Not A Day Goes By [GH OST unreleased]
11 - Amazing Grace [unreleased]

John Warren - Lead & Backing Vocals
Ron Komie, Nick Moroch - Guitars
Tsuyoshi Kon - Acoustic Guitars
Mark Davis - Keyboards, Synthesizer
Phil Upchurch - Bass
Satoshi Nakamura - Programming, Synths
Paulinho DaCosta - Percussion
David Woodford, Satoshi Nakamura - Sax
Beth Anderson - duet Lead Vocal on 5
Chuck Wansley, Debrah Neal - Backing Vocals

JOHN WARREN Private Motion