Friday, December 28, 2012

VENGEANCE - Arabia [Remastered + bonus CD] (1989)

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VENGEANCE is one of the finest rocking bands from the Netherlands, the vehicle for Arjen Lucassen to become famous before went solo.
"Arabia" is my favorite album from them, a superb slice of late '80s polished Hard Rock with crystal clear production courtesy of John Sonneveld.
However, one year before of Arabia's recording and release, Vengeance taped the pre-production demos for the album after intense reharsals. These takes have an exceptional energy, rough diamonds with a quite different approach than the polished result heard in the final, official recording.

By the end of the nineties "Arabia" was reissued in a very limited edition by an European label, remastered and with updated artwork.
To make it more interesting, the release includes a bonus CD with these initial takes, which sound rougher but with an excellent audio quality A+.
Highly Recommended.

Leon Goewie: Lead and Backing Vocals
Arjen Anthony Lucassen: Guitars, Banjo
Jan Bijlsma: Bass
John Snels: Drums
Jan Somers: add. Guitars
Peer Verschuren: Guitars on bonus CD

VENGEANCE Arabia + bonus CD HERE




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Unbelievable...Great stuff..
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Love this album, a classic!!

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