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MINDWORK - Inside Out (1991)

MINDWORK - Inside Out (1991)
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MINDWORK born from the ashes of one of the best Austrian AOR band ever; Fahrenheit.
Drummer & main songwriter Harold Huber and singer Johnny Kanatschnig decided to go for more poppy, Lite AOR sounds on their debut "Inside Out" still retaining high doses of melody and harmonies.
Strongly keyboard oriented but in a stylized way some tracks sport a Hi-Tech style, and while the overall sound is typically European, you can hear traces from the Canadian scene around the era.

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There's suave melodies on friendly tunes like "Welcome To My Paradise", "Masters Of Success", "Chinese Wall" or the elegant "Gloria", but my favorite should be the excellent ballad "Endlessly" where Kanatschnig's vocals shine.

"Inside Out" offers a very pleasant listen through its well crafted songs, quality arrangements and crystal clear production. If Mr Mister, Toys Of Joy, Fingerprints, West Of Sunset are your thing, add this one to the collection.
Good Hi-Tech / Lite AOR for the soul.

01 - Welcome To My Paradise
02 - Endlessly
03 - Men In Motion
04 - Gloria
05 - Bring Me Some Water
06 - Chinese Wall
07 - House Of Sin
08 - I Miss You
09 - In The Ghetto
10 - Wonderland
11 - Help Me
12 - Masters Of Success

Johnny Kanatschnig - vocals, guitars
Harold Huber - keyboards, drums, programming
Umbo - bass