Thursday, October 17, 2013

ULTRANITE - I Want My Own Planet (1989)

ULTRANITE - I Want My Own Planet (1989) HQ
1989 was the best year ever for the Melodic Rock / AOR genre. The most precious records appeared at that time and unfortunately many bands without a major label support promoting their releases get sunken into oblivion.
One of these was Swiss ULTRANITE only album "I Want My Own Planet".

All members from Ultranite worked previously in central Europe on different bands and writing songs for others, as Andy Boulton's Tokyo Blade or Andy Marc.
The type of Melodic Rock crafted by Ultranite has many points in common with the Scandinavian scene, especially in the AOR keyboard infusions into the music.

ULTRANITE - I Want My Own Planet (1989) booklet

We have some great, melodic fist-pumping anthems like "Hot As The Summer", "Thank You" and " Long Live The Nite" (featuring Krokus' Marc Storace guesting on vocals) akin Zinatra, Aidean or Fate.
There's diversity as well, as on the little Hi-Tech "Little Angel" recalling Germans Craaft, and nice Swedish power ballads in "Streets Of Rome" and "Lost For Ever".

ULTRANITE - I Want My Own Planet (1989) back cover

Very rare and hard to find on CD, Ultranite's "I Want My Own Planet" is one of my favourite 'obscure 1989' releases. It was featured on many blogs and forums, but not in such good quality.
This is a HQ rip from my own CD complete with full scans.

01 - Summerworld
02 - Time Will Tell
03 - Tender Love
04 - Hot As The Summer
05 - Little Angel
06 - Long Live The Nite
07 - Streets Of Rome
08 - Thank You
09 - Lost For Ever
10 - Cathedral

Peter Prestel - Guitar, Vocals
Martin Machwitz - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Mike Sullivan - Bass, Backing Vocals
Arne Flick - Drums, Backing Vocals
Erdal Kizilcay - add. Bass, Production
Marc Storace - Lead Vocals on 6

ULTRANITE I Want My Own Planet HQ


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