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THE LIMIT - Dysfunction (1999)

THE LIMIT - Dysfunction (1999)
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Today I bring to you a true rarity requested by a reader; the Maryland indie outfit THE LIMIT and their only (?) album "Dysfunction".
The band was formed in the nineties recording and releasing the album independently at the end of the decade, being promoted at the now legendary (and extinct) site, one of the first places where you were able to find music on this format at the very beginning of the internet. Also served as an important platform for indie acts like The Limit to sell their CD's.

The Limit's style is strongly inspired by the '80s commercial US Melodic Rock sound and AORish radio friendly tunes with nice harmonies and very melodious arrangements. The dynamic catchy opener "Rejecting Healthy" reminds me US cult rockers Neverland (Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey soundtrack), followed by the slang-named "Schweet Thang" driven by jumpin' rhythm guitars in the vein of Canadians The Works.
"Keep My Heart Open" is the first ballad and one of the highlights, with a graceful melodic line like Passion Street (UK band), a simple but rewarding slow tune with pianos and synths in the background. Then the light melodic rocker "What If" adds some Boston (Tom Scholz) feel specially on the guitar arrangements and during the harmonized choruses.

"Waiting For Goodbye" is another favourite, a midtempo stylized AOR number where the guitar lines and keyboard fills brings to mind Journey and even Scottish Strangeways. Uptempo rocker "Wrestle The Wind" has some early Night Ranger written over it, same later on "Regret", where the melodic guitar hooks takes the centre scene.
A new highlight arrives with the midtempo AOR of "Leah's Lie", where Freddy Curci's Alias meets Mark Free's solo albums, followed by the other ballad on the CD, the very good "Heaven Doesn't Want Me" mixing acoustic guitars with keys ala Sheriff (again, Freddy Curci) and some REO Speedwagon.
The album ends full on rockin' AOR / Melodic Rock style with "We All Fall Down", once again with a Night Ranger touch and perhaps some Loverboy.

With a more than a decent production for an indie, The Limit blends all the classic influences mentioned above with their own personal stamp resulting in the really enjoyable album that is "Dysfunction".
Rare as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model photo shoot in Alaska, The Limit's "Dysfunction" is a really nice addition to your Melodic Rock rarities collection.

01 - Rejecting Healthy
02 - Schweet Thang
03 - Keep My Heart Open
04 - What If
05 - Waiting For Goodbye
06 - Wrestle The Wind
07 - Leah's Lie
08 - Heaven Doesn't Want Me
09 - Regret
10 - We All Fall Down

Jim House Jr. - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tim Haines - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mike Duncan - Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Kent Beeghly - Drums, Percussion

THE LIMIT - Dysfunction 1999


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