Tuesday, August 05, 2014

TURBO RED - Turbo Red (1991) HQ

TURBO RED - Turbo Red (1991)
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

Very nice request this one from the Dutch German (thanks aorheart for the info) band TURBO RED only album.
Their self-titled CD appeared in 1991 combines two lead male / female vocalists, but the particular aspect is that both sing together on the same song, which adds a really good contrast of harmonies.

You can't go wrong with Turbo Red's energetic synergy of European Melodic Rock / AOR full of keyboard flurries, pumping bass lines and superb six-string work, especially the rhythm guitars.
The band's sound is a mix of late '80s German / Scandinavian stylings of the genre; Dominoe, Craaft, Tokyo, early Domain, Dalton, Zinatra and why not, 1st Avenue, while at places they remind me - due the female vocal parts - Romeo's Daughter, Perfect Crime and alike.

TURBO RED - Turbo Red (1991) back cover

If you like the aforementioned acts, this is a mandatory listening. Arrangements and production are top notch, believe me.

01 - Hold On
02 - In The Night
03 - Stronger
04 - Forever
05 - I'm Waiting
06 - The Spell
07 - King Of The Air
08 - Right Time
09 - Eyes Of The World

Sig Weber, Pete Rupprecht: Vocals
Pete Mayhew: Guitar
Oliver Gabay: Keyboards
Jochen Rassow: Bass
Andy Hoyler: Drums



T.P said...

I believe you, Camelblue. In fact, this record is a very nice addition to my personal Melodic Rock & AOR canon. Had a soft spot for the band as soon as I gave it a listen via your YouTube teaser. Thanks a bunch!

Bye for now,

JC said...

Thanks Camel (-:
Amazing post as always!

Anonymous said...

Don't know this band, but the names sound very german, not dutch.
I recon it's a german band. Jos

aorheart said...

yes this fantastic band (CD) is from Germany ! it's not Dutch ....

Camelblue said...

Really? You're the bible my friend... info corrected.