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DOUGLAS - State Of Rock (1987) full bootleg CDrip

DOUGLAS - State Of Rock (1987) full bootleg CDrip
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There was always some kind of confusion with the country of origin of DOUGLAS, a Greek band founded by the Douglas bros. Alex & Eliot circa 1983. That's because their debut "State Of Rock" (vinyl LP only) was, strangely, released in Australia in 1987.
To add even more haze, seems the album was recorded in Germany and the second press has a different artwork.

But aside the collector's data, the significant aspect of Douglas' "State Of Rock" is its quality: classic second mid-Eighties AOR-rock sound, sharp guitars, keyboards at glance and a strong rhythm section.
And yes, very good vocals too, since the singer credited as 'Cornelius', it's the alias of AORsters Craaft's vocalist Klaus Lulley real name Kornilios Misailidis.

This is a pure delight for fans of the genre, just check the synth-driven AOR of "Shout", the Euro melodic rock muscle of "Loner", "Reaction" (akin Treat), "Turn Me On", and the vibrant title track. "Dogs Of War" is the heavier song on the record, a rapid hard rocker in the vein of 220 Volt.
Do you need more AOR? "Mirror" is wonderful, the mid-tempo "Don't Let Them Die" reminds you some Scandinavian greats, and "Douglas Reprise" is like a 'band sample' mixing various tracks of the album, and works great!

DOUGLAS - State Of Rock (1987) full bootleg CDrip back cover

I have posted here "State Of Rock" five years ago, but a vinyl rip. This one is the bootleg CD (very nice quality) including a track ("Dogs Of War") missing on all the versions shared in the blogosphere.
So this is the real thing, the complete album featuring the 10 tracks.
Really Recommended.

01 - Shout
02 - Loner
03 - It's Late
04 - Reaction
05 - Dogs Of War
06 - Turn Me On
07 - Mirror
08 - State Of Rock
09 - Don't Let Them Die
10 - Douglas Reprise

Cornelius - Vocals
Tony J. Conta - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Alex Douglas - Bass, Backing Vocals
Eliot Douglas - Drums, Backing Vocals
Chris Harris, Demis, Nick Carr - Keyboards

DOUGLAS - State Of Rock - 10 tracks full


T.P said...

As an admirer of the genre and how it used to sound in the 1980s, I couldn't withstand this classy stuff. Really appreciate it!

Bye for now,

John Tsavalos said...

In fact it isn't the Craaft guy, Douglas's singer is Greek too. His name is Kornilios Misailithis and he was with the band through the whole 80's singing on all their official releases (aside form the two albums there's a 7'' single with a cover of Who's Baba O' Riley and their original song I'm free now.

Camelblue said...

@John Tsavalos: Yeah, you are right. I figured it out some time ago via a Youtube video but never corrected this post, maybe it's time to do it!
Thanks for your comment.