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ELLIS ISLAND - Ellis Island EP (1983)

ELLIS ISLAND - Ellis Island EP (1983)
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Here's another exponent of a band trying to make a name for themselves during the '80s: ELLIS ISLAND.
Fronted by vocalist Robert Ellis who also composed and produced this - the band's only known private pressed self-titled vinyl EP - the group delivers a dynamic variation of styles through these four tracks.

Opener "Baby Blue" is a classic, pompy AOR cut rich in refined arrangements and a catchy melody. Track two "Battle Zone" turn things much more edgy with a hard rock attack yet with a strong keyboard presence.
Side B starts with the somehow epic "Balance" combining pomp AOR elements with some post-NWOBHM, commercial riffs in the vein of Tobruk. While the led vocals needed a little more polish in my opinion, the harmonies at the chorus and the overall instrumentation is tight, solid.
Final track "I Gotta Get Away" returns to hard rock, specifically classic rock with a strong late seventies influence, with lots of Hammond B3 riffs all over.

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As you see, Ellis Island seems to be covering a wide range of styles here, obviously to showcase the band's versatility and get the attention of a major label.
That never happened, but this vinyl EP is a much sought after piece by collectors today.
Nice stuff.

1 - Baby Blue
2 - Battle Zone
3 - Hold On
4 - I Gotta Get Away

Robert Ellis - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Ricky Risti - guitars, vocals
Michael Ray Rota - drums, percussion
Louie Spats - bass, vocals



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I like your taste!!!!!!Big thank you....

T.P said...

lilly says it all - big thank you for this little gem!

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Anonymous said...

Michael Ray Rota used to shop at the supermarket I worked at. I remember buying this EP from him. My favorite cut on this was Battlezone. It was the hardest rocker on the EP. I wish you could change that yellow font to a color that is easier to read. I can't read the yellow font.

Anonymous said...

please reup link and image are broken