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LOVE CHILD (Austria) - Down On Your Knees (1998)

LOVE CHILD (Austria) - Down On Your Knees (1998)
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Amongst the many rock bands with this same name, we have this LOVE CHILD from Austria. Founded in Salzburg around 1988 by guitarist / vocalist Andy Pirchner and ivory-man Freddy Kern, these two musicians have kept band alive over the years and they still are active, having recently played in a festival with Bonfire and Kissin' Dynamite.

Love Child have released few albums locally - all self-managed, but the most known internationally is "Down On Your Knees" from 1998, especially for Melodic Hard Rock / AOR fans.

Occurs that we find some really nice tunes in this genre throughout the CD, like opener "Never Stop Dreaming", "Cold Blooded Guy", the solid mid-tempo "Only A Dream", and specially the pumping "Together We Are Strong".
Love Child also has a harder side on title track "Down On Your Knees", the killer "Never Go Away", "Problem Child" (akin early Gotthard) and the groovy 'n bluesy "Turnin'".

Despite its pure indie pedigree - entirely engineered, mixed and mastered by Pirchner - "Down On Your Knees" sounds bright and well balanced in frequencies.
The album has become one of these 'rare pieces' avidly hunted by hungry collectors. Right now it's being sold at eBay for $250.
Really nice one.

01 - Never Stop Dreaming
02 - Down On Your Knees
03 - Take Me
04 - Problem Child
05 - Cold Blooded Guy
06 - Only A Dream
07 - Turnin'
08 - Set Me Free
09 - Never Go Away
10 - Together We Are Strong
11 - Paradise For All

Andy Pirchner - vocals, guitars
Freddy Kern - keyboards, synths, backing vocals
Andy Prause - bass, backing vocals
Wolfgang Krug - drums, backing vocals
all drums on the record played by Andy Rethmeier

LOVE CHILD Down On Your Knees music CD


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