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JAY GRAYDON - Works [Japan only] (2010)

JAY GRAYDON - Works Japan only CD
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Talking about JAY GRAYDON is talking about finesse and class.
Called the "producers' producer", the "guitarists' guitarist", Graydon's discography reads like a Who's Who of an entire sector of the US music scene from the last 40+ years.
A double Grammy winner, Jay has been involved on almost all major AOR albums from the '80s. But the sheer volume and diversity of this man's work defies belief.

A few years ago, a compilation including some of the most successful works either produced, composed, arranged or featuring Jay Graydon was released only in Japan under the title... "Works".
We have pure AOR cuts from Bill Champlin, Airplay, Marc Jordan or Pages, but also pop, R&B, jazzy from such diverse artists like Boz Scaggs, Valerie Carter or George Benson. All are refined pieces of music, it doesn't matters the genre.

"Jay Graydon Works" is a pleasure from start to finish to enjoy this consummate studio craftsman.
Japanese exclusive release, not so easy to find. If you see a copy at a reasonable price, buy it with your eyes closed.

01 - Bill Champlin - What Good Is Love
02 - Airplay - Stranded
03 - Manhattan Transfer - Twilight Zone Twilight Tone
04 - Earth, Wind & Fire - After The Love Has Gone
05 - Marc Jordan - I'm A Camera
06 - Boz Scaggs - Then She Walked Away
07 - Al Jarreau - Mornin'
08 - Dionne Warwick - For You
09 - Pages - Fearless
10 - George Benson - Turn Your Love Around
11 - Herbie Hancock - Paradise
12 - Kenny Rogers - This Love We Share
13 - Air Supply - I Can Wait Forever
14 - El Debarge - Someone
15 - Airplay - Should We Carry On
16 - Valerie Carter - What's Become Of Us
17 - Peter Allen - Pass This Time
18 - Steve Kipner - The Ending

JAY GRAYDON Works [Japan only]


JC_AOR said...

Wow!!! Super post Camel, Jay Graydon sure is a first class musician and producer, thanks for sharing this (-:

T.P said...

To begin with, Marc Jordan's "I'm A Camera" was the main reason to go after this compilation, a song that is so easygoing and smooth you simply love it. I'm sure more great songs within this wonderful record mix will still follow after I have given it a listen at full length.

So again, Camelblue, you hit the bull's eye! :-)

Bye for now,

99 said...

Thanks for this upload, they all sound excellently remastered!

rynasafitri said...

Jay Graydon - Roxann (feat. Bill Cantos)