Tuesday, August 05, 2014

TURBO RED - Turbo Red (1991) HQ

TURBO RED - Turbo Red (1991)
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

Very nice request this one from the Dutch German (thanks aorheart for the info) band TURBO RED only album.
Their self-titled CD appeared in 1991 combines two lead male / female vocalists, but the particular aspect is that both sing together on the same song, which adds a really good contrast of harmonies.

You can't go wrong with Turbo Red's energetic synergy of European Melodic Rock / AOR full of keyboard flurries, pumping bass lines and superb six-string work, especially the rhythm guitars.
The band's sound is a mix of late '80s German / Scandinavian stylings of the genre; Dominoe, Craaft, Tokyo, early Domain, Dalton, Zinatra and why not, 1st Avenue, while at places they remind me - due the female vocal parts - Romeo's Daughter, Perfect Crime and alike.

TURBO RED - Turbo Red (1991) back cover

If you like the aforementioned acts, this is a mandatory listening. Arrangements and production are top notch, believe me.

01 - Hold On
02 - In The Night
03 - Stronger
04 - Forever
05 - I'm Waiting
06 - The Spell
07 - King Of The Air
08 - Right Time
09 - Eyes Of The World

Sig Weber, Pete Rupprecht: Vocals
Pete Mayhew: Guitar
Oliver Gabay: Keyboards
Jochen Rassow: Bass
Andy Hoyler: Drums



T.P said...

I believe you, Camelblue. In fact, this record is a very nice addition to my personal Melodic Rock & AOR canon. Had a soft spot for the band as soon as I gave it a listen via your YouTube teaser. Thanks a bunch!

Bye for now,

JC_AOR said...

Thanks Camel (-:
Amazing post as always!

Anonymous said...

Don't know this band, but the names sound very german, not dutch.
I recon it's a german band. Jos

aorheart said...

yes this fantastic band (CD) is from Germany ! it's not Dutch ....

Camelblue said...

Really? You're the bible my friend... info corrected.

Anonymous said...

This band was from Nürnberg/Germany. I've been to two concerts of them
back then. The second time i've seen them, singer Pete Rupprecht had
left the band. Sig Weber was the only singer then, and she and guitarist Pete Mayhew were a couple obviously. So there must have been a relationship thing going on.
Soon after the band disappeared from the scene.
I'm not much into AOR but i enjoyed their shows.