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VOGEN - Berlin Wall (1990)

VOGEN - Berlin Wall (1990)
As requested, re-post from years ago because it's a real hard to find album

Vocalist & guitarist Kevin VOGEN has been playing in the Canadian Winnipeg area since the beginning of the '70s.
Working as sessionist or as other artists live musician, Vogen has toured extensively through Canada and USA for almost 40 years.
"Berlin Wall" is the one and only album under his name, recorded with long time friend musicians.
His style has the typical late '80s Canadian sound, a very light melodic rock / AOR with some pop / Hi-Tech tint.

First track "By The Berlin Wall" is an anthemic poppy AOR tune with very nice vocals and warm ambiance. On "Brainstorm" and "Burger Bunny" Vogen sounds like Dan Lucas from the Nineties.
"Driftin´" is a very calm ballad with a generous dose of keyboards, and one of my favorite tracks here.
Vogen and his band sounds as country fellas New Regime on "Too Late", while "Systematic Breakdown" has a Tom Cochrane (Red Rider) feel over it.

VOGEN - Berlin Wall (1990) back cover

Another of my picks from this CD is "Master Of The Other Cheek", musically much in the vein of the underrated band Neverland.
"Why" is where Vogen adds some Hi-Tech elements to his music, this song is very wimp and cool to the ears. The rest of the material is rock&pop oriented, with some ups and downs.

"Berlin Wall" is a fresh and easy listening light AOR album, not essential but pleasant, and pretty hard to find.

01 - By The Berlin Wall
02 - Brainstorm
03 - Driftin'
04 - Too Late
05 - Misconceptions (In The Room)
06 - Burger Bunny
07 - Systematic Breakdown
08 - Master Of The Other Cheek
09 - Miracle Man
10 - Point Of Blue
11 - Why

Kevin Vogen : Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Laurie Asbil : Bass, backing vocals
Greg Duncan : Lead guitar, backing vocals
Don Le Roux : Guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Mark McGovern : Drums, percussion

VOGEN - Berlin Wall


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