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AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.10

Here is another compilation of AOR / Melodic Hard Rock songs that were part of movies.
I'm surprised to have reached 10 volumes, a really time-consuming job, but worth the effort, due its worldwide acceptance.
Have seen most volumes posted in blogs and forums from India, Thailand, Nigeria, China ... incredible.

You're Invited But Your Friend Can't Come (film version) [Encino Man]
Song composed and recorded for this movie, along with Tommy Shaw & Jack Blades (DAMN YANKEES a.t.m.)
It was later wonderfully re-recorded to be included in Vince's 1st solo album "Exposed", but this original version has more guitars and fire.
A personal favourite.

02 - VICE
Keep Holding On [Bloodmoon]
Australian band, contributed two songs for this film, but only the score was released.
Party song similar to POISON. Pretty hard to find.

She Doesn't Mean A Thing To Me [Voyage Of The Rock Aliens]
Very rare soundtrack, good bunch of songs.
I've chosen this uptempo AOR song by Mark Spiro, not appeared in any of his albums.
Totally 80's !

Run With Us [The Raccoons]
Legitimate eighties sound: good vocals, electronic drums (so fashionable at the time), disco-keyboards and a guitar at the bottom in the mix, but always present and consistent throughout the song.
I love this tune.

05 - B.B. KING
Into The Night [Into The Night]
B.B King in a Hard / AOR compilation?
Yes, the 'King' couldn't resist the wave of the moment ('85), and recorded this song exclusively for this movie, with a very good feeling and pounding synth keyboards, but retaining its characteristic guitar sound.
Very Good.

Victims Of Love [Final Fantasy VIII]
Composer of countless film songs, this beautiful ballad was chosen as Final Fantasy VIII "love song".

Feels Like The First Time [CNN America Votes '08]
Not exactly a soundtrack, but it was CCN's official song used for their television coverage of the USA 2008 elections.
FOREIGNER's classic, great version, approved by its creators as the best cover of this song ever made.
Rocks good.

TF:TM Main Title [Transformers The Movie]
Mythical soundtrack, this song wasn't included in the official album, but can be heard in some TV episodes.

Success [Scarface]
Another song that does not ended in Scarface's official soundtrack.
A real mistake, since it's one of those typical Moroder compositions, full of cliché, but totally adorable!
Vocalist: unknown.
Included as an 'extra' in the movie video game.

The American Dream [Daytona USA]
Recorded exclusively for this game OST, very much in the vein of MR. BIG, albeit with cheaper production.
A good rocker.

Street Angel (HRZ) [Hard Rock Zombies]
Never released soundtrack, songs composed and performed by Paul Sabu.
This is the main theme and one of the least known, low budget production and minimal lyrics, but fits perfectly into this b-movie.

She Likes Double Trouble [Koko Flanel]
Absolute rarity, track recorded by the good belgian band Mystery (before the release of their debut album) exclusively for this movie.
Hard melodic tune, only released as vinyl single in Belgium.

Radar Radio [Top Gun]
Item not present in the (perhaps) most famous 80's soundtrack.
Can be heard at the end of the movie (jukebox scene).
Rock 'n roll oldie (with eighties updated sound), sung by Pizzulo, famous in the westcoast genre and renowned sessionist.
Very rare song only appeared as b-side in a single promo.

Look At Me [10 To Midnight]
I really like this one.
Rare OST, this is the best track.
Unusual mix, displaying panned guitars in surround stereo.
Exclusive of this soundtrack.

She Loves The Radio [Summer]
Unknown movie, TV only release.
Simply AOR-rock with noisy keyboards, only with three musical notes carries the pace of the song.
Totally 80's.

Follow Your Dream [Project A-ko]
Japanese anime, which OST was put in charge of the gurus Joey Carbone & Richie Zito.
They have composed, played and produced all the songs, some instrumentals, some with hired singers.
This is my fav, mild, sweet and pleasant poppy AOR tune.
Only published in Japan.

When The Night Falls In [Jolly Joker]
German TV series, Thompson recorded the title theme and this song, which I have chosen because it is quite different from what we usually hear from this artist.
Very rare and sought after by Chris fans, only released in Germany.

White Magic [White Magic]
Beautiful ballad, written and arranged by the ubiquitous Harold Faltermeyer, and very well performed by this irish throat.

Top Gun Anthem (Film Version) [Top Gun]
Harold again, with his most famous instrumental.
This is the other version that is heard in the film, less "anthemic".
I still prefer the official OST recording, much more organic and punchy, but I've added this 'film version' into my compilation because it's rare, Top Gun score never has been officially released.

70 min, vbr, artwork.
Most tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.10


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this time you read my mind Camelblue! thank you!!!

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GuitarheroAndy said...

Some really cool tracks on this compilation! Many thanks...

Javier Gallo , said...

Keep on Doin' it, CamelBlue!!!! you´re making it good, we need tasteful music like these to stay, these compilations really rocks!!! you got great taste for music, I´m from that decade (the 80s) I´ve got the same taste, you know, I´m from Corrientes, Argentina, greetings for you,!!!
Saludos desde Argentina, que sigas compilando muy buena música,para que este material se conozca y no se pierda!!!!!

Camelblue said...

Me alegro que te haya gustado Javier.
Estamos muy cerca...Saludos a la "República de Corrientes" !

Unknown said...

hey !! thanks again for a wonderful compilation yet again!!!
You Rock...
one more request .... Pls add the song " Fight, Fire with Fire" by eddie ray wolfe from the movie American Ninja 4 Annihilation in your next compilation.. i have a copy but its too short as i ripped it from the DVD of the movie..

troynew said...

Major coincidence. I just caught that 'Fight Fire With Fire' vid for the first time ever on YouTube today.
Came up as a random suggestion in the 'Videos Being Watched' category.
What are the odds...
Anyway, cool song, ditto singer.

Anonymous said...

thanks great stuff keep it coming if u could find trevor rabin song from eraser sdtrk plz

Camelblue said...

ahh troynew...overlap may be even bigger as being me the person watching it... just checked yt today for this song. Bad mono rip.
Got a better stereo version somewhere in my archives, myself ripped.
The only problem is that I can't find it...

Camelblue said...

"Caught A Train" song performed by Trevor Rabin at the end titles of "Eraser (1996)" never was released in any format.
Years ago I've asked Trevor (a very kind person) about this track, neither him retains a copy...believe it or not.

Geekette said...

great stuff

Unknown said...

Hey Camelblue !! you know...(AOR Music) is already starting to create new a trend here in India.... i being busy with my job and stuff could not devote enough time to create an all new Indian Fan Blog for AOR Music, but whomever i've shared my collection has really loved the genre... Thanks to you my friend that this genre finding its feet here in my country...( or at least my city Bombay ).. i am really trying to make this music to reach out to all those retro music lovers here, who appreciate the genre from the glory days...thanks again ..

David said...

This is another great compilation! Thank you very much for continuing my education....

Camelblue said...

You're welcome Abhishek.
Feel free to distribute any of these songs (or the full compilation) anywhere.
AOR rules the world!

Nice animations David!
Rock On!

David said...

Thanks Camelblue!

Keep the John Farnham coming and I will NEVER STOP ROCKING.

bart said...

I agree with Abhishek....
and camel, once again you 've gladdened so many people...

Cheers, from the all the way here in Bangalore, India..

By the way, caught a train is from eraser. I have the original dvd and vcd copies of this movie. If you need just let me know. I will try to rip and post the song as mp3 here.

With Love,

Camelblue said...

Thanx for your comments Bart.
Your DVDrip of "Caught A Train" is welcome.
Try to do it with a good software or a video .wav extractor like VirtulDub and then encode to mp3 @ 320Kbps.

SoandSo said...

"radioactive dreams" do you have ost for this ?

PLEASE ! ! !

Pudding said...

Excellent compilation, can't stop playing 'Keeping Holding On' by Vice, any more Vice tracks out there?

Camelblue said...

Glad you like it Pudding.
The other VICE track from "Bloodmoon" coming up in a future movie compilation for you....

Pudding said...

So Vice didn't release an album on their own then?

1ML said...

me encantan estas recopilaciones que haces, perfectas para oir en el coche

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Unknown said...

one more song that i long to have.... i am sure it must be stored somewhere in your huge vault of music...

The name of the song is "i'm on my own now" by Craig Thomas form the movie Maid to Order (1987)..

Would love to see it your next compilation...

Once again... You Rule...

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Great selection!!!

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Great set of songs!! Thanks!


bart said...

dear camelblue,

unfortunately i had lost the eraser dvd rip to a recent computer crash. even before that, i had problems in making the mp3 out of the video. i am hopeful of getting the dvd rip from a friend here. plan to send the closing credits video section to you from which you could make the mp3. please suggest.

once again, you are giving us great music from the 80s and making so many of us happy. this is priceless!!

Camelblue said...

Hi bart. Glad you like it.
Send me the closing credits video section. Post the link here.
Keep rockin'!

Anonymous said...

merci por tout!!!!

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Freeman said...

I have to rename my existing folder from vol.1 to vol.01 due to this one.

I'm glad that it's a good sign that it's a chance to received a nice AOR songs from you more.

Thank you very much, camelblue.

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Kunde Ctba Ltda said...

Obrigado.Excelente coleção AOR.

Score-Brother said...


If you are interested, I have the rare film version of the already great title song to "White Magic:"
(Movie Version)

Keep on rocking!


Camelblue said...

@ Score-Brother:
Awesome share. I wasn't aware of this 'movie long version'.
Thank you!

E-dongou said...

Hello! I crazy for searh the Hard Rock Zombies Sound Track. ah.. i never found that... but i found your page. so i wanna Hard Rock Zombies Soundtrack... if i can buy Hard rock zombis sound track, i'm crazy happy. but i don't find any information can you send the information? if you have mp3 file send to me please. i'm Korean so i don't well using english. sorry..
[ ] this is my e-mail.
i wait your mail! Thank You!

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@ E-dongou:
You can buy HRZ ost (5 tracks) with credit card or paypal here:

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Thanks for the report.
Screw RS and their stupid default settings.

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