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AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.11


A new volume.
I am thinking seriously to reach the dozen and stop.
Depends on popular demand...
If you like it: Express Yourself, if you don't: Express Yourself.
Your comments, thoughts, suggestions are welcome...

01 - Damn Yankees
Bonestripper [Nothing But Trouble] 1991
I love Damn Yankees, easily in my top 25 favorite bands of all time.
This song is one of many recorded for the 3rd album that still remains unreleased.
Registered DY trademark sound, great rocker.
Soundtrack Exclusive.

02 - Joseph Williams
Kids From Queens [Tony N' Tina's Wedding] 2007
A Broadway musical, filmed in 2004 but only released in USA 3 years after.
The movie soundtrack was commissioned to the super talented Joey Carbone, always providing interesting compositions.
This song has great pulse, very well performed by the ex-TOTO Joseph Williams.

03 - Rick Bowles
Baby Lied [Neon Maniacs] 1986
Soundtrack never released.
Bowles' track embraces all the classic AOR elements we love, a great feeling.
I love this song.

04 - Sue Saad
She's A Fire [Radioactive Dreams] 1985
Very rare OST only released in Germany on vinyl.
Contains 3 tracks by Sue Saad and this is the fameless of all, mid 80's AOR filled with bombastic drums.

05 - Alan Thicke
Thicke Of The Night [Thicke Of The Night] 1984
'Thicke Of the Night' was a midnight canadian TV talk show, hosted by Alan Thicke, who is also a musician, and recorded the show main title song.
Penned by the brilliant duo David Foster / Jay Graydon, this track is a wonderful example of pure AOR in the best strain.
Only released on vinyl single. Super!

06 - Eddie Ray Wolfe
Fight Fire With Fire [American Ninja 4] 1990
Another OST never released.
Tremendous climatic AOR tune with all the 'action song' mystique.
Ripped by me from VHS, stereo.

07 - 3 Speed
Back On The Street [Voyage Of The Rock Aliens] 1987
This band has a particular story, you can read it in the AOR TREASURES VOL. 4 post.
Last song known from them, just for this soundtrack.
Hard to find disc.

08 - Nancy Wilson
All For Love [Say Anything] 1989
Beautiful melody composed by the less famous of the Wilson sisters (HEART), but actually she has always been the band's musical brain.
Very well played by Nancy, both vocal and guitar.

09 - David Hallyday
Different Destinations [Baywatch TV] 1992
Baywatch TV series has given rise to many AOR artists between different seasons.
This is one which did not appeared in any official OST.
Aired in episode 20; "The Big Spill", 2nd season, 1992.

10 - Romeo's Daughter
Heaven In The Backseat (movie mix) [A Nightmare On Elm Street 5] 1989
Romeo's Daughter should be much bigger, they had a lot quality and taste.
This is the 'movie mix' for the film that runs 3:55. Not the same appeared in the 1st disc of the band.
Produced by John 'Mutt' Lange, a bit Def Leppard sounding with female vocals, isn't it?

11 - Lita Ford
Black Leather Heart [Edgeplay] 2004
Edgeplay is a movie about The Runaways' history and career, which Lita was a founder member.
After years without going to a studio, she has recorded this song especially for this movie.

12 - Rocky Burnette
Perfect Crime [Speed Zone] 1989
Film also known as "Cannonball Run II".
This one is a 60's type rock'n'roll with 80's AOR production, featuring a strong synth bass.
The promotional video clip for the movie playing this track is fantastic, featuring a beautiful Lamborghini Countach.
Couldn't be more eighties...

13 - Big Island
Fighting For You [Sons Of Steel] 1989
Australian Movie OST which was recorded by members of Rose Tattoo and Black Alice, both bands from the land of oz.
Tracks mainly in hard rock style, this is the most AOR with a chorus that sticks to your ears.
Just released in Australia.

14 - Bezerk
Stockholmsnatt [Stockholmsnatt] 1987
Another oddity is this swedish production, featuring local bands, vinyl edition, released only in Scandinavia by Grammofon AB label.
The group Bezerk provides several tracks here, I've chosen the 'main title', a singular song.

15 - LA Rocks (J.S.Soto)
Heart Of The Fire [Rich Girl] 1985
Never released soundtrack, in any format.
A pity, since enlists excellent tunes by the band LA Rocks, at that time with Jeff Scott Soto as lead vocalist.
This is my fav track from the movie, a tape rip.

16 - Tuesday Night
Nightmare [A Nightmare On Elm Street 4] 1988
Song featured in the film, but never ended in the official soundtrack tracklist.
Totally 80's, you may even hear Freddy Krueger's razor blade fingers...
Ripped from VHS, stereo.

17 - Clue In The Crew
The Sound Of Fear [Zombi 3] 1988
Italian movie directed by the horror B-movie master, Lucio Fulci.
Very rare OST only released in Europe, alternating score tunes with some songs performed by the 'virtual band' Clue In The Crew, a local session musicians venture.
Weird mixing and curious stereo panning.

18 - Dr. Starr
Passion Fix [Beach Balls] 1988
Another very hard to find soundtrack, only released on vinyl.
It comprises hard 'n heavy bands, mostly unknown, being Dr. Starr the best in my opinion.
This group retains raving fans even today, constantly writing comments into their myspace.
Nice track.

19 - Max Carl & Marcy Levy
Come And Follow Me [Short Circuit] 1986
Carl (former 38 Special) composed several songs for feature films, many of them performed by himself.
On this occasion a duet with Marcy Levy (later known as Marcella Detroit), end credits song from Short Circuit.
A typical lovely sweetened movie melody.

20 - David Foster
Stealing Home [Stealing Home] 1989
Perhaps the best instrumental composed (and performed) by Foster for a film, anthemic and vigorous.
I really like very much the guitar-sax duel in this song.

+ 70 min, artwork.
Note: most of tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were cleaned, decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.11


Camelblue said...
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Thanks a lot for all your work,time and passion for your various artist compilation.
Please,i want more & more!!!!!

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Incredible compilation as always, don´t you dare stop at a dozen camel .)
Many thanks for this GEM.

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My vote is: never stop, these compilations are simply awesome! Thanks a lot

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I enjoy these as well, it'd be nice to have a text file included with your description.

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Great work again. Appreciate all the work you put into these compilations

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Great! Amazing work Camel! This time you've outdone yourself! Ah! I'm only kidding. You could never do that, could you? As Homer said, "don't you dare stop at a dozen..."! And don't ever forget: We love you!!!

you can create your own text description files yourself. Simply copy and paste in a notepad or something. That's what I do.

Unknown said...


i was looking for the Alan Thicke song for like ages.... and the 3 Speed song too..

thanks once again for adding my request in this compilation....

Camelblue !!!! you simply are the Best.....

AOR101 said...

Camelblue - thanks for your amazing work on these soundtracks!. You never fail to deliver those obscure little gems. I have you to thank for introducing me to 3-Speed! Don't stop at 12 - keep up the good work! It is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Have said it several times before, hands down the best compilations on the net!!!

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A Fan

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Thank you for yet another very cool compilation, Camelblue! I drive a lot as part of my job and, while I don't like every song from every compilation you've done, I've just written the ones I do like to CD for the car. It is THE BEST driving music I have!!

The question is, how many more can you do? How many 80s movies are left to plunder for long lost rare and cool AOR tracks??

Thanks again...


Anonymous said...

I do hope you can carry on doing these superb AOR Soundtrack compilations. There really is no one else quite like you. I cannot thank you enough for the memories and finding out new stuff I have never heard before. Thank you thank you thank you.


Tomas said...

I hope you continue to make this great music-dream

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i'm always downloading those compilations even if i had those songs before...i appreciate the effort and great deal of work...thank you!

please try to find Shuki Levi AOR songs, this from M.A.S.K is especially good

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As the previous 11 compilations these is another amazing one. Please don`t stop.

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Another fine comp, thanks mate !
Do you happen to have the Rick Bowles album 'No Man's Land' from 1984 as well ?


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Love the compilations, please keep them coming!!

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Hopefully this compilations never end. A dozen is very much - but there are so much gems left of soundtracks where already one or two tracks where used for previous compilations by you. Hope you continue your master work. These are the outstanding collections regarding soundtracks. Very special thank you and please keep on working on it.

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Anonymous said...

Great pick from Stealing Home, I agree great instrumental. There quite a few classic songs on that soundtrack. I'm very glad to have it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work man! KEEP 'EM COMING PLEASE!!!

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I agree with others. If you have the time and the inclination I'd much appreciate more highlights from your extensive collection! The instrumental track was a nice surprise.

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No words man!!! I thought you'd stop but here we go again. Excellent!!! If you have another compilation don't think twice. Good work on the "cleaned, decrakled and decliked". I'm enjoying.
Excuse my bad english, i'm learning.

I'm Alex from Brazil.

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WOW !!! another fantastic compilation with rare Soundtracks !!!
tracks from Nancy Wilson, Romeo's Daughter, LA Rocks (J.S.Soto)
are great !!! please don't stop with made this awesome compiltations !

note: maybe you can put the rare soundtracks from ALEXA on your next compilation ?

GREAT WORK Camelblue !!!



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wonderful music as always. i can't live without your blog, please don't stop these great songs coming!
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i like very much these compilations! I hope for more to come

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thanks for all of your hard work in putting these compilations together. don't stop at 12!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that 3 Speed Song is a cover from ex-Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent. It was also covered by John Norum (Europe) on one of his solo albums. Great song, no matter which version! Vinnie has always been a gifted songwriter.

mamedia said...

Your rock! I love these compilations! Thank you 1,000 times.

bart said...


Do not stop.

These compilations are amazing. As a great fan of such music from the 80s (though i was only growing up then), i have not had this kind of access before.

Your site is truly a treat to everyone visiting it.

I wish you would do it to a hundred. People are gonna love it.


Camelblue said...

Thanx bart and all of you, 80's freaks.
Vol.12 coming up soon.

Javier "Thunderstrike" Gallo said...

in difference with Bart (he could be possibly a child those times) I was at the final of childhood and almost all teenage period those times! I lived completely the 80s, well Bart, I congratulate you for keeping great values in music. CamelBlue, You can see that I´m a complete 80s fan freak, I saw movies hoping that someday I will catch those incredible AOR Soundtracks, but in those days that thing was difficult cos here in Southern America those soundtrack were hard to find, but now my dreams came true, and I´m feeling like a superhero again, THANKS TO YOU CAMELBLUE!!!!!YOU MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!What a passion!!! we need more like you!!!
Keep it going Camelblue!!!
You´re doing a great work!!
future generations depends on this
Amazing Compilations, WOW!!!!

Camelblue said...

Gracias por tus efusivos comentarios Javier "Thunderstrike".
Me alientan a seguir.
Como notaras te contesto en tu idioma, estamos mas cerca de lo que crees.
Un gran saludo.

Anonymous said...

oye compadre .... sigue noma con estas compilaciones, a mi me encantan justamente por ser un gran fan de los '80 ... y siguelos postando en avalon ya que también soy un uploader de allá.

saludos desde brasil


Anonymous said...

muy buena recopilacion,muchas gracias

Anonymous said...

You should use this Steven McClintock track from "Space Mutiny" on a future volume:


Camelblue said...

Thanx a ton for the tip. Didn't know about the "Space Mutiny" song.
More suggestions are welcome...

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to download the .mp3 of "The Edge of a Dream" by Steve McClintock from "Space Mutiny":

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the great collection! Awesome!

Seeing as how you have a bunch of rare soundtrack stuff, I have to ask: have you ever come across the Mighty Wings instrumental track from Top Gun by Harold Faltermeyer? All I've found is the one with sound fx on youtube(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JD0WnkXcUyc). It seems to be omitted from all scores I've seen.

Camelblue said...

Hi there.
Yes. Top Gun score never was officially released.
There's a bootleg with several instrumentals, but even isn't include all the tunes featured in the movie.
Another boot (a german one) has the one you mentioned in the youtube vid, amongst others.
Got all of them (about 12 tracks), sadly mostly with sfx.
All my files are from a private Faltermeyer tape, maybe should I post all of them in my blog?
Let me think about it, and thanx for your visit.

Anonymous said...

Any rare Faltermeyer stuff would be awesome! I'm a big fan of his stuff. Thanks!

I hear he may be returning to do the score for Kevin Smith's new movie with Bruce Willis. http://www.cinematical.com/2009/10/08/harold-faltermeyer-to-score-kevin-smiths-dicks/

Anonymous said...

I'm David from Italy:
just one word
Thanka a lot mate

Camelblue said...

You're welcome David.
Let's rock the World!

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Thank you from Thailand.


camel,could u please re up it?thanks!

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please re-up; I just stumbled across these fabulous compilations and this volume has been removed from Uploaded :(

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If you can, please re-upload this volume, as well as volume 5. My collection will be complete at that point, and thank you for all you do!

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