Saturday, September 12, 2009

AOR TREASURES - The Japan Bonus

The japanese market always has been lucky to get extra songs in local album editions.
An injustice to the rest of the planet, since many times these are really good bonus tracks, but we can't afford the expensive import prices.

I have compiled some of these pearls, some recent, some very hard to find.
ERIC RUSSELL has released his 'Personal' album in Japan only, 1993.
The CD was reissued in Europe two years after, under his real name; OLIVIER CONSTANTIN, but this great song (he's best in my opinion) was replaced by other. That's why it's present here: Japan only.

Various bitrates, all above 192 Kbps, mostly @ 320.
Artwork included.

01 - Seventh Key - Storm Rages On
(The Raging Fire bonus) 2004

02 - FM - Hurt Is Where The Heart Is
(Tough It Out bonus) 1989

03 - Steelhouse Lane - If Love Should Go
(Slaves Of The New World bonus) 1999

04 - Heart - Cruel Tears
(Brigade bonus) 1990

05 - James Labrie - Understand
(Elements Of Persuasion bonus) 2005

06 - Jimi Jamison - Streets Of Heaven
(Crossroads Moment bonus) 2009

07 - House Of Lords - Gone
(World Upside Down bonus) 2006

08 - Sunstorm - Standing The Fire
(House Of Dreams bonus) 2009

09 - Eric Russell - Someday Somehow
(Personal - Japan release only) 1993

10 - Metropolis - Love And Desire
(The Power Of The Night bonus) 2000

11 - Ransom - I Can't Stay Away
(Trouble In Paradise bonus) 1998

12 - Casanova - Shine
(All Beauty Must Die bonus) 2004

13 - H.E.A.T - Stay
(H.e.a.t bonus) 2008

14 - Bad Habit - Anytime You Want It
(Adult Orientation bonus) 1998

15 - Outland - Lost In Your Love
(Different Worlds bonus) 2003

16 - Gotthard - Speed Of Light
(Need To Believe bonus) 2009

17 - Last Autumn's Dream - Match Made In Heaven
(Hunting Shadows bonus) 2007

18 - Mastedon - Shine On
(Lofcaudio bonus) 1990

The Japan Bonus Vol.1


Anonymous said...

Whoah!! What a great treasure!!Thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...


Keep it up..and never stop!
You are truly FANTASTIC !

Anonymous said...

thank you

Robert said...

Another fantastic compilation Camelblue! Thanx very much. A great compilation of songs. Some known, some unknown to me. The artwork is beautiful to.

I'm working on a volume 2 Japan Treasures already (sorry I stole part of your name).

With the tracks you compiled I'm hoping more volumes will come.

Please go on with these excellent compilations!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Camelblue said...

My apologies to all... I've misplaced the MASTEDON song in 'THE JAPAN BONUS" compilation.
Mastedon's "Shine On" is the Lofcaudio japanese bonus, but it's already the same version appeared in debut album "It's A Jungle Out There".
The one I've intented to include is the "It's A Jungle Out There" bonus, never featured in any regular album.
Coincidentally, the song was part of the rare "Caught" movie soundtrack, so it's coming up in my next 'AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks' compilation vol.12 ...

Unknown said...

Amazing!!! There're some rare gems in this compilation! And the cover is FANTASTIC!!! Congrats man!

Unknown said...

Awesome compilation Camelblue! Thank you for taking the time to gather and compile such an awesome set of songs. Clearly there are some artists I need to find, buy, and add to my collection! Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Great compilation. Thanks.

JC_AOR said...

Another awesome compilation. Clearly a lot of work has gone into this and I for one am most greatful for your efforts. The cover artwork you created is great. An incredible blog and truely a pleasure to read. Thank you once again.

Camelblue said...

Glad you like it people.
Don't forget to check "Request & Fill Corner" section. There's another 2 great Japan bonus compilations made by blog's friends

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for another great compilation.You are amazing!!!

David Van Zant said...

Another monster compilation, thank you very much Camelblue.
This is one of the best Hardrock/AOR compilations I've ever seen ^___^

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, wonderful, waiting the Vol.II!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks !
Great bands with rare tracks as always ^^

Thiago said...

Great Camelblue! These songs are very hard to find. Thank you for sharing!

Just a doubt: why don't you included the powerful song "Love Leads the Way", from Hardline? This song is a jewell.

Hugs from Brazil

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome!. the house of lords bonustrack (gone)was on my list for a looong time. Finally got it. TOP

Anonymous said...

thanks - steve

Javier"Thunderstrike" GAllo said...

WOW, Great Bonus!!!!!this is a real "Must Have"

Anonymous said...

Grande compilação! só grandes bandas. Valeu!

Anonymous said...

Interesante recopilación, sin dudas grandes bandas

Freeman said...

AOR Heaven, Always The Best !

Thank you for this prize, camelblue.

Anonymous said...

doesnt seem to work anymore :(

Camelblue said...

Tested and working.
Try again

lmccu1 said...

Dead RS link, mate...could u please repost? Thanks

Camelblue said...

@ lmccu1 :
Hey man, how are you? (shotgun169 here).
Hope you're doin' well.
Fresh link available my friend. Enjoy