Friday, September 25, 2009


Grzegorz "Skawalker" Skawiński is considered the "polish Satriani".
He's career started in the famous pop band Kombi, which goes to a three and a half month USA tour in 1986.
Skawiński has the opportunity to see live guitar virtuosos such as Stevie Vai, Paul Gilbert and Vinnie Moore. That's when his head began to give birth to new ideas shaped to play this kind of style.

Debut "Skawinski" (1989), a mix of instrumentals with some fine AOR edged songs, gained positive feedback from America.
Featured in Guitar Player magazine, and gathered favorable reviews from industry professionals like Mike Varney, encouraged the musicians to the way forward in this direction.

A year later, with his long time friend Waldemarem Tkaczykiem, set up a band: "SKAWALKER", named in tribute to the Star Wars hero and of course, his last name.
The group start writing new material and rehearsing four times a week in a basement shop for over a year.
Then, they began the recording sessions for this album, produced with the help of many colleagues.

Grzegorz is a great player, has a powerful tone and clear sound, playing fluid intense solos not to be missed.
All the songs featured here are really good, emotional midtempos and meaty melodic hardrockers.
Eight of the 10 tracks are sung in english, one polish, and the last one is a beautiful instrumental.
Production job is first rate, crisp and tight, giving each performance it's chance to be heard and appreciated clearly.

Very hard to find CD, ripped @ 320Kbps including artwork.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Call Me Skywalker
02 - Track Me Down
03 - She Sounds Nice
04 - That's It
05 - Ahead
06 - Give It To Me
07 - Don't Wanna Be Alone
08 - Island Of Grief
09 - No Way Is Straight Enough
10 - Where The Peaceful Waters Flow

Grzegorz "Skawalker" Skawiński : Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars
Waldemarem Tkaczykiem : Bass
Zbigniewem Kraszewskim : Drums
Piotrem Łukaszewskim : Rhythm Guitar
Sławomir Łosowski : Keyboards




-21grams said...

"Polish Satriani" you say?
Will definitely give it a shot then :)

Anonymous said...

Awsome Melodic Rock!!!!!!