Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PEO - The Man Behind The Face (2000)

Peo Pettersson is a renowned swedish producer, where he has worked with dozens bands behind the knobs.
Multi-instrumentalist, ex member of AXIA (one single is included in my "MOST WANTED SCANDI - AOR SINGLES EVER Vol 1").
In 1995 debuts as solo artist with the lovely scandi AOR album 'Look What I've Started'.

With the help of many scandinavian session friends, in the winter of 1997 starts the recording of the 2nd album 'The Man Behind The Face' at his own studio.
After 2 years overdubbing, mixing, mastering, the disc is ready.
But none label was interested, and he decided to put it out as a CDr, self released in limited copies.

Peo's style has matured, stepping away from the classic scandi sound, into a first class classic rock with a dash of blues a la Gary Moore less edged.
Perfectly recorded, performed, produced, and very well played, this is a solid album, to enjoy with a glass of wine in hand.

Rarity, long sought after by collectors, very hard to find.

1 - Hot Town R 'n R
2 - Baby This Is Paradise
3 - Woman
4 - Dreams Of You
5 - Running Jumping
6 - Lovers And Strangers
7 - Hard Living Man
8 - Love Has Come
9 - Slow Down
10 - There With You
11 - Outta This Place
12 - Touch You Inside




marco said...

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pues gracias por ese disco, el aor con frio sale muy bien

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