Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GIBRALTAR - I'm The One (1986)

Obscure band, North Carolina based.
Too bad they only put on the streets this one and only recording, 'cos it's awesome.
Sophisticated Melodic Hard Rock, plenty of keys and furious guitars.
Roy Cathey's vocals fits perfectly this style.
All the songs are very well crafted, polished but aggressive  and production job is great for a private release.

Highly Recommended if you like class bands like LE MANS, SHOGUN, JAG WIRE and why not; ICON.
Great Stuff !!!

1. I'm the one
2. She wrote the book
3. You better know
4. Not the first
5. Nights on fire
6. Real
7. Full speed
8. Let go
9. P.S.

Roy Cathey - Lead vocals
Frank Fournier - Bass
Eric page - Guitars, vocals
Jerry Everly - Drums
David Garcia - Keyboards



marco said...

thank you for this gem!

Dr. Maurice Godwin said...

Who is pressing CDs of Gibraltar I'm the one album? I own the music publishing on one of the songs.


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