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AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.13


More than 200 tracks compiled, more than 18.000 downloads.
And there's more.
The administrator of the biggest chinese music forum has contacted me; this soundtrack series are one of the most downloaded links there.
They need to re-upload the files to their own host because the western ones doesn't works well to them.
Report: 80.000 downloads and counting... WOW.

Volume 13 is ready since 2 months ago, but never found the time to write the 'track by track' description and complete the file tags.
Here we go:

Rock'N'Roll (I Feel So) [Speaking Of The Devil]
Italian band, italian movie. Original name: Un piede In Paradiso, starring Bud Spencer.
Florence 99 plays an energetic rockin' melodic hard piece, with crisp-clean guitar riffs and a good american vocalist.
Call me nuts, but this one reminds me the band RED DAWN...

Fire With Fire [Fire With Fire]
Classic song, the best in my opinion in WILD BLUE's one and only album.
In fact, the song was written specifically for the movie by Chas Sandford (remember his only and rare album 'Parallax View'?).
The man knows how to write song (co-writer of Waite's classic 'Missing You') and the band shines on this one.
As said, a classic.

Always A Tiger [Windkracht 10 TV serie]
Oh yeah, that's why I love this style. Thrilling pumpin' AOR song from the belgian TV series 'Windkracht 10'.
Incredibly recorded in the second half of the nineties, sounds like a 1986 production! Awesome.
There's 2 OST released (one for each season) but this wonderful tune only was heard in one episode. Edited and mastered by myself.
Let me dedicate this gem to the world's biggest female fronted AOR collector: aorheart (but you probably already know this one, you have it all!)

4 - KICK
Rock 'N' Roll Hearts [Body Slam]
Rock 'n roll fable mixed with wrestling matchs, a little dumb movie, but funny as hell!
KICK is a fictitious band featured in the film, but they are real musicians, drummer Jack D'Amore was member of ROCK ROSE.
3 tracks were recorded exclusively for the soundtrack, this is the best, a melodic rocker with insistent keyboards.
Written by Peter Beckett! You can't go wrong with him.

Reach For Your Dreams [Vicious Lips]
Another rarity.
The last song known by Sue Saad before desappear into the thin air.
And what a beautiful one, formidable chorus.
Sadly never released, I've ripped the track directly from the movie.
This song will stick in your head for weeks...

Blind Alley [Spellbinder]
Another good track penned and performed by the NJ born Gary Wright.
He has contributed many songs to several films like 'North Shore', 'Cobra' or 'Heavenly Bodies' to name a few.
This one is a stylized song totally 80's.
As far I know, never released OST.

Earth And Air [Lady Beware]
Due to many requests, here it is another great track from the very hard to find 'Lady Beware' soundtrack. CD ripped.
A ballad to die for. Killer.

Desire [Nobody's Perfect]
Not AOR by any means, but this tune has a nice tempo and I like the way it is performed. Besides, the lyrics brings back some memories...
Written by another OST habitual, the master Mike Piccirillo.
Unknown track.

Baby Come Back [Five Aces]
Well, this is an all time PLAYER classic. Who has not heard this song?
This perennial melody was re-recorded by the band for their 1995 comeback album "Lost In Reality".
But this is another version by Peter Beckett & JC Crowley alone for the Five Aces indie movie.
I love this song, in any version.
Very Rare.

It's Not Over [Playing For Keeps]
Song popularized by STARSHIP, but was written by another OST composer; John Van Tongeren (Fast Forward, Thelma & Louise and dozens more)
Heartbreaking Thompson's version, climatic and perfectly arranged.
Originally posted in Vol.2 but this is a CD rip (hard to find), this winner song deserved max quality...

Show Me How It Works [Wildcats]
Maybe you don't dig this one at first listen, but it's a very good one.
Awesome tempo and a little but very good guitar work.
Written by David Pack!
Very very rare soundtrack, only vinyl.
I've spent many time restoring...

New Way Of Living [Burglar]
Don't be confused, this is the ROBERT HART (Bad Company, solo) band. In '89 released their only album 'Under The One Sky'.
This track (and the other one featured in the soundtrack) was the group's first recording.
It's a rare AOR song that reminds me VIRGINIA WOLF, don't ask me why...
The Distance (yes, with "The", that would later be removed for their debut album) appeared as the club band in one scene of the movie.
Rare OST.

No Turning Back [Critters]
Why only the score of this movie was released?
A total mystery 'cos the flick was a success and includes good songs.
This is a goodie, absolutely eighties, nice guitar solo and cheap drumming.
Ripped from DVD.
I love the 80's !

Dream Machine [Watchers]
Canadian film, featuring canadian artists tracks.
Mike Reno of LOVERBOY's fame, contributed this one, a cranky uptempo AOR.
Never released soundtrack, the file sound quality is not the best but c'mon, it's a brutal song.
Love it!

Heartbeat [The Coolangatta Gold]
Aka "The Gold And The Glory" in the USA, this australian movie soundtrack features some local rock & pop artists mixed with instrumental score tracks.
My pick is the Kim Hart song (born in New Zealand), written by SHARON O'NEILL and sounding a lot like her. Cool poppy-AOR tune.
A very rare vinyl, only released in the land of Oz.

Let Me Believe In You [Crystal Heart]
This is a great soundtrack.
I've posted one track previously (Vol.7), but this is a personal favorite.
Love the production and the AOR-rock feel on this one.
A winner song.

Passion [Modern Girls]
Los Angeles short-lived group that never make it big.
This song included in the movie "Modern Girls" is a melodic guitar power-pop-rock, clearly influenced by THE REPLACEMENTS (one of my favs in this genre).
Unknown song, unknown band.

Caught In Your Web (Swear To Your Heart) [Arachnophobia]
Russell sounds very much like DENNIS DeYOUNG here (especially the way he sounded on those early '90s Styx ballads).
This soundtrack exclusive song was included only in the first pressing of the OST, very hard to find.

+ 70 min, artwork.
Note: most of tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were cleaned, decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.13


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You have some great stuff here on the "AOR Soundtracks" 13 (re-issue).

My favorites, in particular, are the following:

"Blind Alley" - Gary Wright's wonderful "Who I Am" CD (1988), but a soundtrack by Basil Poledouris for "Spellbinder" would be nice.

"Fire with Fire" - Title song from their debut album, I think - a CD would be nice someday...


"Earth and Air"* - My second personal favorite from Hallyday/this soundtrack

*I made a review for this soundtrack (the rare Japan import) just around the time I purchased it... oh, and I also put the lyrics for this song, and "Flashback," on one of those lyrics sites - I would have put it on Imeem, but thankfully MySpace is taking it over.

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Push It To The Limit:

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