Saturday, December 05, 2009

THE KAZU PROJECT feat C. FARREN & T. FUNDERBURK - Standing In The Wings (1985)

Born and raised in Tokio, after high school KAZU MATSUI moved to Los Angeles, studying music & philosophy.
Since the early eighties, he begins a musical venture as THE KAZU MATSUI PROJECT, recording & producing many good 'Adult Contemporary Music' albums, recruiting awesome session players like Steve Lukather, Robben Ford, Jeff Porcaro, Abraham Laboriel, Bill Champlin, Jennifer Warnes to name a few.

For his 5th recording, Kazu has called the best of the best: Chris Farren, Tommy Funderburk, Andrea Robinson, Dann Huff, Bruce Gaitsch, Greg Bissonette (check the personnel).
Chris Farren steals the disc with deep and soulful interpretations.
And Funderburk... simply one of the best voices in AOR history. In my top 10 of all time.
The songs: awesome pure eighties AOR fm-radio style.

I can't recommend you this album enough, a pleasure from start to finish.
One bad thing only: too short.
If you don't like this, you don't like AOR music.
Japan only release. Vinyl restored by myself.
A Must Have.
Highly Recommended.

1. Don't Look Back (lead vocal:Chris Farren)
2. Standing In The Wings (lead vocal:Tommy Funderburk)
3. That Girl (lead vocal:Chris Farren)
4. Desire [Short Road To Heaven] (lead vocal:C. Farren)
5. Doctor O'Mein (lead vocal:Tommy Funderburk)
6. Head Above Water (lead vocal:Tommy Funderburk)
7. Into The Nightfall (lead vocals:C. Farren & A. Robinson)

Produced by Kazu Matsui

Lead Vocals: Chris Farren, Tommy Funderburk, Andrea Robinson
Guitars: Carlos Rios, Dann Huff, Bruce Gaitsch, I. Noro, G. Geissman
Keyboards: Steve Wood, Martin Lund, B. Finch, Gery Stober
Pianos: Randy Waldman
Bass: Jimmy Johnson, Leon Gear, David White, Fredy Washington Jr.
Drums: Vince Colaiuta, Moyes Lucas, Gregg Bissonette
Percussion: Mike Fisher, Ed Mann
Shakuhachi (japanese flute): Kazu Matsui
Backing Vocals: Maxi Anderson, Marlena Jeter, Phillip Ingram, Darryl Phinnesee



Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot my friend

Thiago said...

It seems like very good! I want to listen this! THanks!

adrian666 said...

You really can't go wrong with a line-up like that, and the music certainly proves the high quality that lies within the album. Top westcoast AOR all over. Thanks a lot Camelblue for sharing this rarity.

troynew said...

I wouldn't say those for whom this is a little too wimpy are only pretending to be AOR fans.
Personally i lap this kind of stuff up with or without a spoon, but tastes differ.
To this computer illiterate your restore jobs and artwork manipulations are like magical feats. (What program do you use for the latter? Photoshop?)
I hope Blue Rose is next.

501blues said...

Agreed...this is great stuff. Thanks a bunch.

Nescania said...

Muchísimas gracias por este disco, es verdaderamente maravilloso.

No puedo dejar de oírlo.