Friday, December 18, 2009

LOMBARD - Rocking The East (1991)

LOMBARD was a successful band in their home country (Poland) at the beginning of the eighties.
The band has recorded several albums in both languages (polish and english) trying to conquer the western market, especially the Benelux countries, performing live in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, even the band played several concerts for the polish community in USA.
But beyond that they are well known in east Europe, most occidental audiophiles never have heard of Lombard.
Not my case, I've listened all their 80-90 albums, and this one is pretty interesting.

The sound is a typical american female fronted aorish rock&pop :
"Moonshine Warrior" reminds me SARAYA, with a nice melodic chorus and garnish keyboards.
"There May Not Be Another Time" is like a second hand ROBIN BECK tune, nice and sweet.
"Tears Behind The Wall" sounds like a BAR-FLY song performed by GUDRUN LAOS.
"Chasing The Time" has a scandi-AOR vibe, similar in style to another good polish band: SYNDIA.

This album is the english version of "Welcome Home (1990)" issued a year earlier with native lyrics.
A very nice addition to any collection and female fronted rock rarities hunters, well played and correctly produced.
Contains some very good tracks (a couple of fillers too), likable and exotic.
Released only in Poland, and extemely hard to find.
320Kbps CDrip.

1 - Rocking The East
2 - Moonshine Warrior
3 - There May Not Be Another Time
4 - Tears Behind The Wall
5 - Calm Down
6 - Chasing The Time
7 - Life At A Faster Speed
8 - Acid And Honey
9 - It Might Have Been...(Welcome Home)

Małgorzata Ostrowska – lead vocals
Robert Kalicki – keyboards, backing vocals
Piotr Zander – guitar, bass (5)
Henryk Baran – bass, guitar (9), backing vocals
Artur Malik – drums, backing vocals
Jerzy Styczyński – guitar



OML said...

it sounds pretty interesting, thanx for all those rarities

McKagan said...

:) it's funny , but you used second track as sample. well... sedond song it is my favorite from the album

Freeman said...

Thank for introducing, camelblue.