Tuesday, December 01, 2009

RUNNER (USA) - Runner (1984)

Don't confuse this RUNNER with the UK band under the same moniker.
These guys are from USA, and their sound is totally radio oriented AOR.

Self released indie miniLP, with strong influences of those years' popes; LOVERBOY, SURVIVOR, PREVIEW, etc.
Lovable harmonies, classy keyboards and good vocals.
The four songs are easy on the ears, with some pomp hints here and there, featuring the mandatory ballad as closing track.

A little short but catchy first half 80's collector's item, a recommended addition to your vaults, AOR freaks.

1 - Here it comes again
2 - Hold on to lose
3 - Maybe I'm right
4 - It should be easier

Kenny Jackson: Lead Vocals, Bass
Tony Rincon: Guitar
Russell Berkley: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Dean Finmark: Drums

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NorthSwede said...

As mentioned i Request & Fill Corner 2: Great work, man! Sounds really amazing! Many thanks to you, camelblue!