Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BOB HALLIGAN Jr. - Window In The Wall (1991)

BOB HALLIGAN Jr. - Window In The Wall
Surely you've read the name of BOB HALLIGAN Jr. in many CD / vinyl credits.
One of the most prolific songwriters in the rock&pop scene, especially in the AOR - Hard Rock territory.
Some bands featuring his masterful pen? SIGNAL, ICON, KISS, DUKE JUPITER, CHER and dozens more...

Well, at the beginning of the 90's the man decided it was time for his own solo album, to perform his own songs in his own style.
The approach and style of this great album is purely AOR, with capitals.
Classic AOR, Hi-Tech, WestCoast, all are covered here for our pleasure.

I can't mention any particular track, love them all.
High Class production, superb songwriting and great musicianship... do you need more?
Get It NOW.
320 K

01 - Could've Been You
02 - Now That It's Not Over
03 - Still Feels Like Love
04 - I Will Remember You
05 - Who's Lovin' You Now
06 - Window In The Wall
07 - Midnite Mirage
08 - The Way It's S'posed To Be
09 - Hard Rain
10 - Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye

Bob Halligan Jr. - vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming
Rob Friedman, Eddie Martinez, Michael Ciro - guitars
Will Lee, Rick Cua, Seth Glassman - bass
Pat Mastelotto, Michael Clarke, Sammy Merendino - drums
Philip Ashley, Gerald O'Brien, Arnie Roman, Peter Wood, Doug Hall, Graham Shaw, Phil Galdston - keyboards



Anonymous said...

i m listening to it right now...great album thanks

Freeman said...

Thank you, Camelblue.