Wednesday, February 17, 2010

JACKLYN - Marble Rose (1996)

Born in the Netherlands, JACKLYN started her career in the eighties combining dramaschool with singing in rock bands.
In 1990 she went to Germany to sing in a succesful coverband, gaining important onstage experience.
Besides, started looking for a partner in music with whom she could create the songs she had in mind and heart.
Meanwhile, had worked with artists and bands like ZINATRA and as studio session vocalist.

Finally she found RONALD WILLEMSE, a local rocker who was part of the band called 'SPOILED BRATS' in which ROBBY VALENTINE played keyboards.
When his band split up, he set up his own studio and worked for several bands as a sound-engineer and multi-instrumentalist.

Both recorded their first 3-track demo in 1992 entitled "Marble Rose", mentioned in magazines like Metal Hammer and Rock Report as a good promise.
By 1994 they added to the band a second multi-instrumentalist, PETER VAN DE KLETERSTEEG, a skilled classical piano musician.
In February '95 the group released their second demo ; "Second Look", which captured the attention of the mythical label LONG ISLAND RECORDS.
After signing a record-deal, JACKLYN the band started to record their first full lengh album, "Marble Rose", named as the first demo.

Vibrant Melodic Rock / AOR songs in the vein of LEE AARON, GUDRUN LAOS, JOAL or AMAZE ME.
My fav songs are 'I Can't Love', 'Heartbreaker', 'Marbe Rose', 'Where does your mind go' and the sparking 'Voices'.
Maybe the absence of a 'real' drummer can be noted, but the album is well produced & performed, and got some real good tracks.

If you like female fronted bands and classic european melodic rock sound, this is for you.
Ripped at max quality including artwork.

01 - Voices
02 - My love will stay
03 - Into the light
04 - Heartbreaker
05 - Keep goin'
06 - Waterfall
07 - Little girl
08 - Questions & answers
09 - One more chance
10 - I can't love
11 - Broken heart
12 - Marble rose
13 - We can try
14 - Where does your mind go

Jacklyn : vocals and backing vocals
Ronald Willemse : Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Peter Van De Kletersteeg : Keyboards, Guitar, Bass



troynew said...

Is this the rip that i posted at EOTW a while back?

Camelblue said...

Nope. Got this one since a long time.
I'm dusting off old cd/cdr's from my shelving, and finding many forgotten (by me) goodies.

Anonymous said...

Camelblue's collection is really good and nice, i always visit his blog he's posting his original rip, i'm sure...

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for upload this great album. Greetings from PERU-AREQUIPA

Anonymous said...

I read a review from this album in the mid 90s and was very inteested but I wasn't able to get a copy of it.
It was until recent years I was able to get it and it was what I expected.
Lovely jewel.