Thursday, February 18, 2010

HEARTPLAY - The Album (2001)

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I don't know how to recommend you this album enough, to force you to not miss this little gem.
Why? 'Cos it is fantastic!

This band from Finland was the child of Kimmo Blom (now in URBAN TALE) and Sakari Salli, both friends since a long time and partners in a recording studio.
Combining the best of TOTO and the new wave of scandinavian sound (like TOMMY DENANDER works) this disc has it all: catchy songs, huge choruses and tight production, covering Classic AOR, WestCoast, Hi-Tech, Melodic Rock.
The winner here is 'Waiting For You', but ALL are good and first rate, trust me.

Recorded in the '90s (but sounding absolutely eighties) the band tried with no luck to get a label, and finally released this short but awesome recording thru a small local company.
As said many times here, do yourself a favor and Don't Miss This One!
Highly Recommended.

01 - Waiting For You
02 - I'll Be Your Shelter
03 - Don't Let Them Fade Away
04 - Masters Of The Mind
05 - Silence
06 - Take My Word
07 - Vision
08 - Too Late
09 - Father Forgive Me

Kimmo Blom - vocals
Tuomas Wainola - guitars
Simo Saastamoinen - bass
Sakari Salli - keyboards
Kalle Torniainen - drums



Anonymous said...

thxxx for this album !!!

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Amazing Stuff Man Thanx A lot!

Anonymous said...

EXTREMELY rare CD ! I was very lucky to find an original at a reasonable price.