Sunday, February 21, 2010

FINGERPRINTS - Time Is All We Need (1989)

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Sweden band who had enjoyed good airplay in scandinavia and some european countries at the end of the eighties.
A mix of Lite AOR / Westcoast / pop for a good measure.
The overall sound is light and radio-friendly, with sticky choruses and excellent production.

Many tunes are definitely adult pop, sweet to the ears.
But there's some gems like 'Stay The Night', gorgeous AORish, awesome track.
Other pearls; 'On The Run', like a good Michael Bolton song, 'I Want You' a very classy ballad, or the title track, featuring very nice keys and a sing-along chorus.
I don't like the last ones sung in swedish, except the version of 'Time Is All We Need' (Stjaernfall).
STROM & AXELSSON later would become the duo WEST OF SUNSET, another good project.

Not easy to find CD, ripped at max. quality incl. artwork.

01 - Time Is All We Need
02 - More Than You Know
03 - I Want You
04 - On The Run
05 - Don't You Wanna (Get To Know Me)
06 - Angel
07 - Make My Day
08 - Where Were You Last Night
09 - You're Gonna Be Sorry
10 - Stay The Night
11 - Mitt Ibland Aenglar
12 - Nu Star Jag Haer
13 - Stjaernfall - Time Is All We Need

Bjorn Strom : vocals, guitars
Thomas Axelsson : bass
Jorgen Ingestrom : keyboards

Joan Franzon : drums on tracks 1,2,3,4,8, 9
Lasse Wellander : guitars on tracks 1,2,3, 8
Patric Lindell : guitars on tracks 5, 9
Svein Dan Hauge : guitars on track 7
Rolf Graf (LAVA) : keyboards and programming track 7
Frank Adahl & Tommy Nilsson : backing vocals on track 7

FINGERPRINTS - Time Is All We Need


Axerock said...

It was West Of Sunset that brought me to Fingerprints. Never heard this album. Thanks for your help my friend

Flo said...

Exactly the same : WEST OF SUNSET

Many thanks for sharing

troynew said...

Fingerprints is much better than West Of Sunset.

Stones said...

Oi, have been ages that i saw this one.

TNT said...

Buen disco.Eso si a veces una cancion es tan buena q se come al resto.En este caso Time Is All We Need, q es una cancion maravillosa.De esas q dan ganas de escuchar una y otra vez.Hay albunes q por una cancion ya merecen totalmente la pena.Este es el caso.Saludos

Anonymous said...

Hi! Any chance we got this ripped in lossless [FLAC] format? Would be great to taste the full quality of such "hard to find - long out of print" release..! Thnk you very much. Music is always great!

Camelblue said...

Nope, sorry. I don't own the original CD. This is an overseas' friend rip.

Svenningsendbmf said...

Fingerprints is much better than West Of Sunset.