Monday, February 15, 2010

BOXER - Boxer feat. Matti Alfonzetti (1998)

MATTI ALFONZETTI has been rated for years as one of Sweden's leading hard rock vocalists.
He can be heard on albums from JAGGED EDGE UK, BAM BAM BOYS, SKINTRADE to name a few, also as songwriter for many well known bands like THE POODLES.

This project is pretty unknown in his discography, only released in Sweden, sung in native language.
Commercial melodic rock / rock & pop music, obviously a clear attempt to conquer the style leading the european charts in those years, released through a major label.
Not far from many albums/groups that came later, but seems Matti has a hard rock soul and then continued his career in a more edged style.

So, this is BOXER one and only album, not Alfonzetti's best work, but a good opportunity to listen this great singer in his softer side, perfectly produced, recorded & arranged.

A rarity.

01 - Om Det Var Jag
02 - Ingen
03 - Om Du Skulle Sakna Mig
04 - Hon Är Som Havet
05 - Jag Följer Med Dig Hem
06 - Min Våg
07 - Djupa Andetag
08 - Du Och Jag
09 - Långt Ifrån Sanningen
10 - Flickan I Porten

Matti Alfonzetti : vocals, programming
Antonio Saluena (ex - Talk Of The Town) : guitar, bass
Andreas Bauman (ex - Embassy) : guitar, bass
Joakim Uddling (ex - Sverige) : keyboards
Mats Nilsson (ex - Half Man) : drums



yuiyui said...

Thinks !!
Since it was album CD to hear very much, he is very glad.

Anonymous said...

Tack för denna! Hope more of him!

Anonymous said...

Hi, the link is dead as of 2018. Would you repost the album, please?