Friday, February 26, 2010

BLUE ROSE (France-Canada) - ST (1983)

One of the hardest vinyl restoring processes I've done so far.
It took me more than 20 hours over 3 months to get it decent. More than 10 million clicks fixed, but the real challenge were the monster crackle-pops present.
Enjoyed the process, it's like a therapy, an exercise of patience.
Besides, I've listened this wonderful album almost note by note, like used to do 25 years ago when I bought a vinyl/cassette and play them to death.
Now, with an internet connection, you can get for free 100 albums per day in digital form. There was a time when, if lucky, you could afford a maximum of 3 vinyls / month. And we really crumbled music.

Misc. apart, this album is like a pot of gold, beautifully conceived, and majestically performed.
Hang me on a tree if most of these songs doesn't sound like The Alan Parsons Project golden era; 'Pyramid → Turn Of A Friendly Card', and David Rose as Eric Woolfson or sometimes Colin Blunstone.
Kudos to Serge Perathoner: if you like keyboards, listen carefully his master work, impeccable taste, and sense of melody.
He carries the band's musical backbone on pianos, Prophet 5, synth drums (I can't believe that there are no human drummer/percussionist here, incredible sound).
Also, using the 'Ondioline', a very rare vacuum tube-powered keyboard instrument, invented in 1941 by a Frenchman colleague, a forerunner of today's synthesizers.

I grew up listening this kind of music, and the discovery of this little masterpiece 26 years after of its release makes me more than happy.
And I want to share it with you.
Thanks homer64 for the original ripped files.

Don't miss, IMHO, this genuine 24K diamond.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Don't You Know (Ambushed)
02 - Find My Way Home
03 - Piu Vicino
04 - More Lies
05 - Love You Forever
06 - Inner Stories
07 - Questions
08 - Don't Stop
09 - Place Pigalle

David Rose : Lead Vocals, Electric Violin
Christian Leroux Basile : Electric Guitars
Serge Perathoner : Acoustic & Electric Pianos, Prophet 5, Ondioline, Drum Synthesizers



troynew said...

Here i am still trying to figure out the difference between sound engineering and arrangement and you're doing the most amazing restore job since a lunatic visitor to the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum went all knife happy on Rembrandt's Night Watch back in 1976.
20 hours well spent, i'd say! :o)

KISSMAR said...

Hola compañero..realmente altamente recomendado!! ni dudarlos chicos..ENJOY!! ;)

1980-F, Germany said...

Hi, camelblue!

Haven't heard your restoring yet, but next time before you spend 20 hours, just ask me! I have two (!) vinyl copies of this one, which both are in quite good condition. I don't have much time this weekend, but next week I can send you over a rip from me for comparison, if you like.

Best wishes

Paisley said...

Wow, this was a great restore. Many thanks Camelblue. Your a hero bigger than Batman.

mamedia said...

Thanks Camelblue!

Anonymous said...


Thanks Camelblue!

greetz from Berlin/Germany

thesubhuman said...
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thesubhuman said...

Amazing album and a superb job done - huge thanks for bringing this stunning album to my ears. (Would love it in FLAC if there was ever a chance)

Anonymous said...

Amazing , great job.
Thanks , Muito muito Obrigado.

Camelblue said...

@ 1980-F, Germany:

Holy cow! You got 2! original copies? Lucky you!
I am SURE your rip gonna be FAR BETTER than this file.

Please, as thesubhuman said, "Would love it in FLAC if there was ever a chance".
Thanks in advance.

McKagan said...

thanks !

flo said...

Thanks very much for your work !
Also if it's possible to get this in lossles files (FLAC APE WAV....)

JC_AOR said...

Finally I got time to give this one a listen...what can I say...AWESOME! A very nice album and I would like to thank Camelblue for your efforts in making this very rare album available to everyone.

Phaota said...

Thanks for the share, Blue. More music from my ever growing archive of 80s MP3 tunes, of which I have thousands. :) Talk with you again in e-mail.

Unknown said...

I didn't come here for ages, I'm in a hurry nowadays but I'm really happy to see the blog still here, and I'm grateful for the sound I got here.

Anonymous said...

hoje sinto-me um sortudo finalmente numa das minhas buscas na net que se baseiam sem através do google encontrei em seu blog esta pérola



TheMurf said...

I'm not sure how to work this new download program - seems very convoluted.

Victor said...

Hi Camelblue!! Can you re-upload this album?


Bando said...

Hi Camelblue, can you reup Blue Rose album from 1983 please!