Friday, October 19, 2012

SWEET CRYSTAL - Power-N-Glory [Resurrected Masters] (1985)

SWEET CRYSTAL has been playing for more than 30 years releasing their material independently. "Power-N-Glory" was their 6-track first official recording from 1985, but remained lost for many years.
Although the style of the band has changed through the years, this particular set of songs well worth a listen for AOR collectors.

Sweet Crystal is a band with Christian origins but their lyrics are not directly preaching at all, and their musical style here can be compared with mid-eighties era Christian AOR acts like Allies or Idle Cure, and somehow they remind me other groups such as After Hours.
Title track "Power And The Glory" is a pure delight for Pomp AOR lovers, starting with some awesome synths and developing onto a wonderful typical '80s AOR marching tune.
"Lead Me To The Rock" continues with a pompster festival, sporting a catchy chorus recalling AOR-Pomp masters New England.

"Now Or Never" goes more commercial and poppy radio friendly, with a musical background which brings to mind another good Christian band of the era; Twenty Twenty.
"For Once In Your Lifetime" rocks harder in the Idle Cure vein, followed by the atmospheric midtempo / ballad "Now And Then", not so far from some Angel material.
For the end, Sweet Crystal decided to turn off the synths and rocks (hard) with "Come On Over", a guitar driven piece with a catchy rhythm.

Although recorded by themselves with a low budget, "Power-N-Glory" sounds good, well produced for an indie.
This is not the demo version floating around the web incorrectly titled as the Resurrected Masters, it's taken from the real 'Resurrected Masters' found by the band not so long ago, which is the real deal.
'80s rule.

01 - Power And The Glory
02 - Lead Me To The Rock
03 - Now Or Never
04 - For Once In Your Lifetime
05 - Here, Now And Then
06 - Come On Over

Marq Andrew Speck - vocals, bass, keyboards
Bill Blatter - guitars, vocals
Steve Wieser - drums