Thursday, October 25, 2012

WALK ON FIRE - Blind Faith + bonus B-side (1989)

Easily ranked amongst my favorite top 100 best albums of all time, "Blind Faith" by UK melodic rockers WALK ON FIRE is a must have in any collection.
Founded by keyboardist Dave Cairns and with the majority of the music written by him, you can expect a marvelous collection of songs with delicate arrangements, excellent pristine production and of course, high doses of keys.

The album enjoyed a considerable success in Britain, but sadly their American subsidiary label was absorbed by other company at the time, and despite favourable reviews following the US release, the album was not properly promoted.
Perhaps due their origins (Scotland) I always found Walk On Fire's sound similar to Strangeways, yet stylistically they're related to Canadians Boulevard.
All songs are perfect imho, elegant and sophisticated, played with the typical British charm. Some major session musicians such as Richard Cottle and Steve Ferrone where hired to enhance the quality even more.

In Europe, "Blind Faith" sold well and the band toured extensively, spawning three singles in the way.
One of them includes as b-side the non-album track "Land Of The Holy", which I have included here as bonus, a very hard to find track that, of course, match the quality of the album.
"Blind Faith" is superb, Period.
A Must Have.

01 - Blind Faith
02 - Wastelands
03 - Crime Of Loving You
04 - Tell It Like It Is
05 - Caledonia
06 - Hearts Of Gold
07 - Hands Of Time
08 - Hungry For Heaven
09 - Miracle Of Life
10 - Close My Eyes
11 - Land Of The Holy [b-side] (Bonus)

Alan King: Vocals
Mike Casswell: Guitars
Dave Cairns: Keyboards, Additional Acoustic Guitar
John Henderson: Drums
Add. musicians:
Phil Williams: Bass & Backing Vocals
Keith Airey: guitar
Richard Cottle, Peter Vitesse, Tim Moore: Keyboards
Steve Ferrone: Drums
Graham Edwards, Tim Archibald: Bass
The Faithettes, Andy Caine, Gary Dyson: Backing Vocals

WALK ON FIRE Blind Faith


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Very curious to check out the bonus track..thanks for this :)