Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BYSTANDER - Not So Innocent (1987)

Although coming from New Jersey, for the most part BYSTANDER had not the AOR style and sound typical from the States. They were more stylized, akin Canadian bands like Haywire or Honeymoon Suite, with two lead vocalists adding variation to the music.
Anyway, in their debut album "Not So Innocent" the keyboard infusion on some tracks recall American acts such as Dakota, while on more calmer numbers Mr.Mister and Stan Meissner come to mind.

Originally released in 1987 by an US indie label, "Not So Innocent" was rescued years after by the great German label Long Island Records with the addition of 3 bonuses.
"Not So Innocent" is impossible to find on CD, but it was widely posted through the blogosphere. However, I have never seen a copy at maximum quality of this little jewel, so here it is - in all its glory.
A necessary item in any reputable AOR collection.

01 - Welcome To The Real World
02 - Running In Circles
03 - Prelude
04 - Desiree
05 - Love Games
06 - Let Me In
07 - I Can't Stop
08 - Out Of The Night
09 - Someway Somehow
10 - You're History
11 - Momma Lao
12 - Real World [Dance Mix] (Bonus)
13 - What Do All The People Know (Bonus)
14 - All The Time In The World (Bonus)

Andy Kiely: lead vocals, bass
Bucky Naughton: lead vocals, drums, percussion
Mike Weaver: keyboards, vocals
Stanley Steele: guitar, vocals

BYSTANDER Not So Innocent 320


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Its impossible to read anything...

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Time to upgrade my 128 rip of this thanks....