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CAPTIVE HEART - Home Of The Brave (1996)

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CAPTIVE HEART was a pure American AOR Melodic Rock band from Chicago, one of the many that arrived too late into the scene but deserved the stardom.
They recorded this bunch of songs in 1991-92 to land a U.S. deal, but you already know what happened after those years.
Luckily a German label released the tapes in 1996 as "Home Of The Brave", and what an impressive material it is.

Captive Heart strongly reminds me Signal (Mark Free's band) and Survivor on some compositional structures. Rick Tratar is a really good, second-to-none singer, accompanied by very talented musicians.
We have classic sounding AOR wonders such as "Outlaw", the awesome "It's Too Late" or the smouldering "Over You Over Me".
Title track "Home Of The Brave" has that lovable pulsating midtempo we all love (hints of House Of Lords), while "Can't Stop" is a soaring melodic rocker plenty of harmony vocal layers.
On the softer side "Shattered Dreams" is really American with its anthemic refrain, the soulful "Just One Touch" fits in the good power ballad mould, and "´Til The End" is a compelling slow acoustic number.

"Home Of The Brave" is rarely seen in many AOR / MR favorite's list, but it largely deserves that honor.
I remember reading some members of Captive Heart stating this recording as pre-production demos, something that you won't notice at all. I can't imagine what they would have been able to deliver with a full-fledged production budget.
This is classic stuff really well composed and performed, with all the magic mojo from the golden years of the genre.

01 - Outlaw
02 - It's Too Late
03 - Home Of The Brave
04 - Shattered Dreams
05 - Over You - Over Me
06 - Helpless
07 - Just One Touch
08 - Can't Stop
09 - Heartache
10 - Ride Of Your Life
11 - 'Til The End

Rick Tratar - lead & backing vocals
Chuck Kawal - guitars, bass, backing vocals
Tim McGovern - guitar, backing vocals
Scott Bahry - keyboards, drums, backing vocals
Paul Balsamello - bass
Guy Dominick - bass, backing vocals
Steve Moss - drums, percussion, backing vocals




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PS I read 3 tracks are penned by Peterik!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome tunes in this album...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening and for the nice comments. As a former member, producer and writer, it's nice to know those songs are appreciated. It's a shame that the music climate changed just when we were recording and before we could get a US deal.

Rudio said...


Is it possible to re-post this album?

Camelblue said...

Updated! enjoy