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US rockers DUKE JUPITER started as band in the second half of the seventies.
After three southern rock influenced albums, at the beginning of the '80s and with a recording label change, the Dukes decided to switch the direction in favor to the rising radio rock / AOR style.
There's no surprise then this album was entitled "Duke Jupiter 1", as indicates their new musical path.

Although still retaining their southern bluesy roots, "Duke Jupiter 1" reflects some of the sumptuous AOR sounds the band would develop later in the mid-eighties. This LP has the sound and style extensively used by .38 Special in years to come.
First track and single "I'll Drink To You" was an instant radio hit, becoming a Billboard Top 20 hit, with the video heavily broadcasted on MTV as well. Great hooky AOR track with an anthemic chorus.
Followers "Rockin' In A Motel Room" and "(You Gotta Love) The Wrong Ones" are more rocking oriented adding the typically crispy '80s-radio production.
"Don't You Look At Me Like That" is a beautiful rock ballad where early REO Speedwagon comes to mind, while the melodic yet rocking "Don't You Walk That Way" features a great guitar work with the sharp sound that ZZ Top would evolve for their 'Eliminator' two years after.

"Duke Jupiter 1" is a goodie not easy to find. Vinyl rip restored and cleaned by me.

01 - I'll Drink To You
02 - Rockin' In A Motel Room
03 - (You've Gotta Love) The Wrong Ones
04 - Don't You Look at Me Like That
05 - Sugar Blues
06 - Rock & Roll Band
07 - Slow, Loud And Dirty
08 - Don't You Walk That Way
09 - Baby, I Do

Marshall James Styler - vocals, keyboards
Greg Walker - guitars, vocals
George Barajas - bass, vocals
Rickey Ellis - bass
David Corcoran - drums, vocals



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Never seen it anywhere else..Thanks for the upload ...

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Thank you camelblue for this duke jupiter LP , mighty hard to come by I appreciate it a lot!