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JOSEPH LEE WOOD - Joseph Lee Wood (1989)

JOSEPH LEE WOOD - Joseph Lee Wood (1989) CD
Re-posted as requested. You won't find this one available in any place on the net, and when it was, it was taken from this blog.

What can I say about this album? It's a lost AOR / Melodic Rock GEM.
Joseph Lee Wood recorded this baby in 1989, but incredibly no major label resulted interested. Perhaps due the Rock musical climate at the moment, with melodic hard / hair metal acts at their peak.
Yes, Joseph Lee Wood's self-titled album sounds much more circa '84 / '85, plenty of hooky AOR melodies, catchy choruses and lots of keyboards.
Anyway, Wood managed to finally release the CD in 2002 via his own label.

The entire album is pure AOR / Melodic Rock magic, but if I had to name some favorites there's the ivory heaven of "Don't Stand So Far Away", "Love Is the Light", "Time to Come Home", "Love You Like I Love You", "Talk to Me", all are true diamonds flavoured with that classic mid-Eighties sound akin Stan Bush, Michael O'Brien, Jeff Paris, Aviator, Survivor, etc.
Joseph Lee ows a sweet, ultra-melodic vocal register, while the session musicians are top notch including guitarist Monty Smith (Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult), drummer Chris Leighton (Beach Boys, Randy Bachman), and awesome keyboard wizard Gregg Fox which has recorded for Heart, Asia, Queensryche, Quiet Riot, etc. and now has his own band The Renaissance Rock Orchestra.

JOSEPH LEE WOOD - Joseph Lee Wood (1989) back cover

Immaculately produced by Tom Hill (Queensryche), "Joseph Lee Wood" sound is excellent.
Shared by my friend Troynew (where art thou man?) taken from his personal collection.
This is Top Class AOR / Melodic Rock, very rare and out-of-print.

01 - Don't Stand So Far Away
02 - Flirting Eyes
03 - When's the Last Time You Felt Like a Woman
04 - To Have and to Hold
05 - Won't Stop Loving You
06 - Love Is the Light
07 - Talk to Me
08 - Love You Like I Love You
09 - Time to Come Home
10 - Letters in the Rain

Joseph Lee Wood: lead and backing vocals
Marty Randles: bass, drums, guitars, backing vocals
Monty Smith: guitars, backing vocals
Chris Leighton: drums, percussion
Greg Fox: keyboards, backing vocals
Bo Wittmer: guest guitar in 'Love You Like I Love You'
Skyler Duryea: backing vocals



T.P said...

Another gem I hadn't been aware of its importance for the genre if it weren't for you and your glorious written work on that piece of finest AOR history. Thanks for this and the actual link itself, Camelblue! Comparable to that, there may still be the one or other treasure to unearth deep from the ground of an era when that hot stuff was shit-hot for real, ain't I right?

Bye for now,

RedA77 said...

actually i discovered this 10-15 years ago, pls check the interview from back then