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THE CAUZE - The Cauze [silver CD rip] (1987)

THE CAUZE - The Cauze [silver CD rip] (1987) front
Certainly THE CAUZE played a musical style not common at their home-State Texas: pure '80s AOR.
With two lead vocalists - who also handled drums and bass - the band managed to record their self-titled albums and release it through the little label USA Records International in 1987.
Seems these songs were taped two years before, hence the typical mid-Eighties sound and production.

This is very classy material combining the Melodic Rock bliss of Foreigner, Journey and Aviator with some early '80s Pomp AOR akin LeRoux, and lots, lots of keyboards / synths in the Giuffria mould. All the songs in "The Cauze" are perfect examples of these musical genres.
"Lovin' My Life Away", "Deeper", "Liar", the ballad "No Way", all are wonderful numbers. The vocals are in the right pitch, the guitars are strong, and the ever present keyboards permeate throughout, whether they be layers or counter-melodies.

THE CAUZE - The Cauze [silver CD rip] (1987) back

Rare to be found as black swans, "The Cauze" was released in very limited quantities and now it's an expensive collectors item. Be careful with the unauthorized reissue by a dubious reputation label which sounds horrible.
This is taken from the original silver-pressed CD, at maximum quality.
Another classic '80s AOR album that requires a compulsory seat in your collection.

01 - Lovin' My Life Away
02 - Deeper
03 - No Way
04 - Liar
05 - Tied Up (Shackled In Love)
06 - Use It Or Lose It
07 - Be Good To Me
08 - She's So Cool
09 - Flaming Heart
10 - Walk On Water

Kevin Davis - Bass, Lead Vocals
Jonathan 'Landreth' Teague - Drums, Lead Vocals
Jesse Ropeburn James - Guitars
Donnie Pendleton - Guitars
Jay Hamilton - Keyboards

THE CAUZE silver CD rip 1987


T.P said...

The Cauze gives cause for joy indeed, 'cause it unites everything I love about the genre's heyday in just one record! So be-cause of that, a place of honour in my personal hall of fame is for certain; thereby that latest feature of yours puts the cherry on the cake by providing us with the best MP3 sound available for this works so far. What a charitable cause!

Bye for now,

Jose S. Cazares said...

Re up please?