Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MARIETTA - Main Artist (Camelblue's compilation)

MARIETTA - Main Artist (Camelblue's compilation) front
Re-post from 6 years ago, as requested

MARIETTA (Waters) wrote countless songs for Rock&pop artists for over 3 decades and has participated as lead / backing singer and vocal trainer in a diverse variety of groups.
She was a contracted A&M studio / session singer for many years, then it was in the early '80s when motion picture soundtrack guru Harold Faltermeyer hired Marietta to put vocals on several of his songs composed for films.

As solo artitst, Marietta released officially 2 singles only, one the title track from the film "Fire And Ice" (was a great success in the European charts), and "Born To Dance", impossible to find vinyl that I've been looking for for years.
Marketed as euro-dance artist, I think her style is rather rocker (with a pop base in the production) especially for her powerful voice and the attitude in the vocal interpretation.

MARIETTA - Main Artist (Camelblue's compilation) back cover

As requested by a reader, I've compiled all her solo recordings as main artist (except "Born To Dance"), including the Top Gun track, two pretty unknown contributions for a '90s German soundtrack, plus a track from one of her performances as the Sergio Mendes Band vocalist.
If you grabbed this one from the blog years ago, take notice I've added an extra track now.
This is a very nice compilation, mixing upbeat Aorish Rock & Pop tunes with ballads.

1 - Fire And Ice 
[Feuer Und Eis OST]
2 - Thunder & Lightning 
[Fire, Ice & Dynamite OST]
3 - A Call From The Heart 
[Zeit Der Sehnsucht OST]
4 - Never Give Up (with Chris Thompson) 
[Fire, Ice & Dynamite OST]
5 - Fire And Ice 
[Special Ski Dance Extended Mix]
6 - Together Against The Storm 
[Zeit Der Sehnsucht OST]
7 - Destination Unknown 
[Top Gun OST]
8 - Harley
(with Sergio Mendes band)
9 - Fire And Ice 

MARIETTA - Main Artist


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

The single you're searching for is currently available on amazon (only one remaining though) at a rather cheap price.

Camelblue said...

Thanks for the info. Looking for it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Just a question: where are the songs of this compilation taken from? Vinyl? CD?