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WIGHTHOUSE WANDERLAND - Wighthouse Wanderland (1991)

WIGHTHOUSE WANDERLAND - Wighthouse Wanderland (1991)
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The self-titled album by WIGHTHOUSE WANDERLAND it's some kind of an obscure release. The one and only recording by this band from Finland never appeared at auction sites like eBay or listed among collectors rarities.
Published in 1991 through a small local label, it was pressed in very limited quantities.
A pity, because these guys are darn good with their bluesy Melodic Hard Rock mixture.

With an American vocalist at the microphone, "Wighthouse Wanderland" packs a really nice set of songs inspired by US acts but with typical Scandinavian touch. On their more melodic tunes they are similar to Norwegians Stage Dolls and perhaps some Dream Police, while at places Mariah and the more bluesy side of Tangier.
Tracks like "Rescue", "End Of The Line", "Wildside" or "Young Heroes" are fine slices of Melodic Hard Rock with an AOR touch. "Only Fools" adds groove to the proceedings, "Missing Home" is a great midtempo with lots of feeling, and "Open Your Heart" is a nice ballad that somehow reminds me Thunder.

Despite its indie origin, the sound and production of "Wighthouse Wanderland" is truly professional.
Apart from the aforementioned comparisons, call me crazy, but this band brings to my mind Damn Yankees as well.
A true rarity.

01 - Rescue
02 - Caroline
03 - End Of The Line
04 - Open Your Heart
05 - Wildside
06 - Young Heroes
07 - Only Fools
08 - Susanna
09 - Missing Home
10 - I'll Be There
11 - Place For Me
12 - B.O. (Sex Change Blues)

Christopher Anderson - Lead and Backing Vocals
Nalle Ahlstedt - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Matts Ignatius - Guitars, Slide
Janne Weekstrom - Bass, Backing Vocals
Martin Svanljung - Keyboards, Computers
T.A. Linnavalli - Drums
Miri Miettinen - Percussion, Backing Vocals
Richard Johnson, Kim Lonnholm - Backing Vocals



Unknown said...

Greetings from Finland!

I own this on both CD and... cassette!

As a matter of fact I even have two original copies of this CD.

And -somewhere- I still should have a blank A4-paper with the autographs from this band that I got in 1991 (I didn't have the cassette/CD yet then...)