Saturday, July 18, 2009

CHAMELEON - Balance (1983)

Third album, actually a minLP, as they were called then.
Wise titled, a balanced mix of styles, eclectic stuff.
Songwriting is solid, you can percieve the group's maturity here.
AOR spirit, tinged with new-wave influences.
That's evident in the opener and "One More Time", both bright and poppy.
But rockers are still present.
"Teazer" is an uptempo with nice guitar licks, and a great chorus.
And "She Never Gets What She Wants" is pure AOR melody, maybe the best song ever written by the band.
I like this 'EP' a lot, a highly recommended listen.
Never released on CD, crystal clear vinyl rip cleaned by myself for your listening pleasure.

1 - Little Sister
2 - One More Time
3 - Don't Wanna Love You
4 - Teazer
5 - Combination
6 - She Never Gets What She Wants

Michael Anthony: keyboards, vocals
Johnny Donaldson: guitars
Dugan McNeill: bass, vocals
Charlie Adams: drums, percussion
Yanni: keyboards, synthesizers, producer

CHAMELEON - Balance (1983)


Unknown said...

Camelblue, that's the kind of stuff I search for.. rare things, if possible demos, out-of-catalog, unreleased or never released on cd. Thanks a lot again!