Saturday, July 18, 2009

CHAMELEON - Chameleon (1981)

I'm starting the discography of this barely known band: CHAMELEON.
Emerged from Minneapolis in the early 80's, the good thing about them is diversity.
Their selftitled debut makes clear that we're not in presence of common AOR.
Peculiar lyrics, unusual arrangements and imagination abound, also some traces of late 70's british style.
Besides, american rock & pop influences (i.e. THE CARS).
The album sounds a bit outdated, but this was a promisingly debut by this rare avis band, and worth a listen.
Never released on CD, crystal clear vinyl rip cleaned by myself for your listening pleasure.

01 - Stranded
02 - All Night
03 - This And That
04 - Forever
05 - I'm In Love With You
06 - Let's Dance
07 - Fallin' In And Out Of Love
08 - Darcy Don't
09 - Oh Love
10 - Holdin' On
11 - Tonite, Tonite

Charlie Adams: percussion, vocals
Dugan McNeill: vocals, bass
Mark Anthony: vocals, keyboards
Johnny Donaldson: guitars



Anonymous said...

thank you so much -i live in minnesota and saw this band a couple of times opening for acts like night ranger my cassette was destroyed ages ago i am glad to get this bands music to listen to again

Camelblue said...

Glad you like it.
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fandreea said...

There was another member in Chameleon, Yanni on keyboards, also producer and key songwriter.

Anonymous said...

this link has all their albums :-)